The kitchen is a prime target for Tampa homeowners looking to remodel or upgrade.  A remodeled Tampa kitchen can make a home easier to work in and live in, while also increasing the potential resale value of and bringing in a better potential buyer when it comes time to sell.  Tampa kitchen remodeling projects can take many forms and fit most budgets.


An addition to a Tampa kitchen is one of the more complex remodeling ideas that Rossi Construction, Inc. can plan, but it can take many forms and may be the best way to add value to your home.  A breakfast nook adds functional floor space and may help make the kitchen more of a heart to the home. Expanding a kitchen to add extra storage space or an island workplace, along with a sink, is another idea which adds to the overall function of the home.  It may also be a good idea to consider the addition of track or recessed lighting, granite countertops, new floors and wall coverings as part of the kitchen addition.


Storage is always at a premium in the kitchen where appliances, food and cooking utensils compete for both space and your attention.  Adding new cabinets in a Tampa kitchen remodel can alleviate the problem.  Cabinets with a rotating or slide-out drawer system can make efficient use of the space.  At the same time, new wood cabinets will give your kitchen an entirely updated look.


Even a modest Tampa kitchen remodel can be a costly undertaking.  It can also be a great investment for folks who plan to sell in the near future.  Borrowing against the home equity in the form of a home equity loan or a line of credit is often considered a sound financial decision, especially when interest rates are reasonably low.  This will let homeowners pay for Tampa kitchen remodeling projects with money they will recover when they sell, and it will also prevent the costs from depleting personal savings.

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