Kitchen Remodeling Guide

Kitchen Remodeling Guide

Kitchen renovations and remodeling are some of the best ways to increase the value of your property and refresh your home. The kitchen is one of the most useful rooms in your home, so it should be one of your favorite places to be. A kitchen that looks good, feels right and is easy to use is a key part of making a house a home. 

This guide to kitchen remodeling will cover everything you need to know about the process. From invaluable tips to the best design tactics, this is a must-read for anyone considering a kitchen remodel or renovation.

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Tips for a Successful Kitchen Remodeling

The best way to prepare for a remodel is to envision what you want right from the start. This vision will serve as your guide throughout the entire kitchen remodel process. A smart kitchen remodeling plan can:

  • Increase your comfort
  • Upgrade your cooking space
  • Add more functionality
  • Update your style
  • Get more storage space

Take time to detail everything you hope to achieve, visualize it, find inspiration and stick to your plans. Your vision must cover everything. Style, layout and functionality are the three most important things to include in your plan. Some tips for a successful kitchen remodel include:

Set a Realistic Budget

Setting a realistic budget for your project is integral to a successful kitchen remodeling. You need to know how much money you can invest into renovations or remodeling. If your funds are limited, you need to account for that in your plan by finding better deals, more affordable materials or postponing parts of your remodel for later. Consult your contractor for help with budget planning, as they will better understand what things cost.

You might also consider using more energy-efficient appliances and technology in your plans. While these appliances might come with a higher initial price tag, you will likely benefit more from the long-term savings by lowering your gas, energy or water bills. Factor these savings into your budget when planning your remodel.

Hire a Reputable Contractor

Finding the right contractor is a critical part of the kitchen renovation process. The first thing to do is assemble a short list of candidates. Narrow your list by looking at company portfolios, customer recommendations and online reviews. To find reputable contractors and companies, you can use tools and websites like the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) or the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA).

Take the time to call the contractors you like the most and schedule an in-person follow-up in your kitchen to discuss their ideas, details and specifications before signing a contract. This gives you an idea of how they work, think and interact with you. Be sure to get project cost estimates in writing, and remember that this is a rough idea of the costs. A bid is the actual amount you’ll pay in the contract.

Communicate Your Vision Clearly

Ensure your ideas and visions are clearly communicated to the designers and contractors you work with. They need a crystal clear idea of what you want so they can give it to you. Making visual representations or having pictures of similar ideas to reference is always a good idea. If you know what you want but aren’t sure how to go about making a remodel plan, some contractors offer design-build services. Be sure to double-check plans before they are approved and keep in contact with your contractor throughout the project.

With these essential tips covered, the rest of this guide will go over the specifics of the entire process and what you can expect.

Kitchen Remodel Planning Guide

The end result of your kitchen remodel comes down to many factors. Your ability to communicate and plan out your vision, the people you choose to work with, the materials you use and much more. That is why it is important to take time to determine what you want, what you can afford and how you want it to look. The key is to break the process into sections and set goals and objectives for each, such as:


  • Do your research: Finding inspiration means more than favoriting hundreds of images on Pinterest or looking through magazines. You need to ensure the style you choose will work with the rest of your house and stand the test of time. Going for a trendy kitchen might mean your kitchen falls out of style within a year. Find inspiration in the latest trends, but make sure the design works for you and will make the best addition to your home. 
  • Consider functionality and storage: A good place to start is often to consider what you want your kitchen to do functionally and ensure you have the resources and plans to accommodate that. For example, if you entertain frequently, you’ll want plenty of seating and space to move around in the kitchen. Storage space like cupboards and pantries are also important considerations to ensure your kitchen is functional and comfortable to work in.
  • Measure twice: Ensure you fully familiarize yourself with the dimensions and measurements of your kitchen space. Your design, material costs and other factors will depend on how much space the contractor has to work with.
  • Review your budget: Sticking to your budget means you must carefully review the costs you will incur. Labor, appliances, materials and anything else you may need to spend money on must align with your budget. 
  • Compare prices: Comparing product specifications and what they can do vs. how they can meet your needs is a critical step in the process. Your dream fridge may be too big or expensive for your layout and budget. You need to research everything to ensure you get what you want and need without exceeding your budget.
  • Establish deadlines: You must also set a rough deadline for your project. The longer your remodel drags on, the more it will cost. A reputable contractor will stick to the proposed deadline and be upfront about any changes to the timeline.
  • Select materials: When choosing countertop and cabinet materials, select options that suit how you use your kitchen. For example, if your kitchen sees lots of heavy-duty use, quartz or granite countertops will be the most durable.
  • Gather any necessary permits: You might need permits and approval from local or regional authorities based on the changes you are making and where you live. If your home is a historic building, you might have further permits and regulatory considerations.
  • Design Phase Tips

    Careful planning is needed when planning your new kitchen’s design. These kitchen remodeling tips will show you everything you need to consider when developing your plans:

    1. Movement and Flow

    The traffic flow of your kitchen is key. When planning out your new kitchen’s layout, remember how people will move around the space. Here are some ideas to encourage a good flow: 

    • Streamline the layout: If your kitchen connects to other rooms, plan a layout that makes it easy for people to walk through the room without getting in the way of the cook. A center island is a good way of separating your kitchen’s different parts and working areas seamlessly. 
    • Design wide walkways: Ensure the oven, fridge and cupboard doors can be fully opened without disrupting the walkway. 
    • Keep everything you need within reaching distance: Group your most used appliances, tools and drawers together. Your workflow in the kitchen comes down to ergonomics and how much you need to stretch or move around to reach the things you need. Keep quick, direct pathways between your fridge, sink and stove for the best cooking experience.

    2. Appliance and Pantry Placement

    The following ideas can ensure your kitchen is functional and safe:

    • Position appliances: When planning where your appliances will go, make sure to leave some empty space around them. Try allowing at least 15 inches of countertop space on each side of a major appliance and your fridge. 
    • Provide enough counter space: Small appliances like coffee machines, toasters and air fryers will also need nearby empty countertop space. The microwave can be a trickier element to incorporate into your design than expected. Fifteen inches above your countertop is the recommended height for a microwave.
    • Work around corners: Tight corners can be hard to work around and are awkward for storage. Keep countertop appliances away from corners to avoid people bumping into them or knocking them off the counter.
    • Consider food storage: Your kitchen design should factor in how and where you will store your food for the easiest access. To create extra space, you might extend your cabinets to the ceiling or transform an awkward corner into a pantry with shelves.
    • Space your outlets: Every kitchen needs plenty of electrical outlets. Consider how many appliances you keep plugged in all the time and have enough spares for everything you need. Ensure you have the right electrical outlets for your devices, like USB ports and three-pronged and two-pronged sockets. Your contractor will be familiar with the local building codes regarding plumbing and electrical work.

    3. Aesthetics

    In addition to the layout of your kitchen and appliances, the design choices you make can bring everything together:

  • Have a color scheme: Use light colors in a small kitchen to make smaller spaces feel larger and more inviting. Soft shades for your kitchen cabinets make the room feel less cluttered and crowded. Darker color schemes work better for large kitchens with lots of open spaces.
  • Consider your hardware: Ensure your draw handles and knobs complement the other colors and materials in your kitchen. Your kitchen hardware should be durable and easy to use.
  • Add a focal point: A focal point brings the room together, highlights a theme or style and greatly enhances the aesthetics of your space. Add eye-catching details, decorations and accents to make it the obvious focal point of the room.

Renovation Preparation

Some may find the hardest part of getting their kitchen remodeled is the renovation process itself. There are challenges you might not expect to face while the work is being done — for example, where to cook your meals and the mess being made. With these tips and tricks, you can fully prepare for this stressful stage of the process and make it a little easier on yourself:

  • Organize your temporary space: Before the project starts, consider all the utensils and small appliances needed in your temporary kitchen. Then, figure out how you will store your food and what you will be cooking with. A portable stove is easy to move around and is a great way to cook food during the renovations. In good weather, you can use a grill to make all kinds of meals you would normally cook on your stove.
  • Track your spending: You will already have spent a lot of money on your kitchen remodeling, so keep food expenses to a minimum. As tempting as relying on restaurants and takeout may be, those expenses add up very quickly.
  • Stay positive: There will be messes and disruptions during your remodel. Just keep calm and focus on how beautiful your new kitchen will be when it’s all over. Stay positive, adjust your outlook and keep your eyes on the prize and you’ll get through it all in no time.

The Finishing Touches

When the installations are complete, you will need to focus on the project’s finishing touches. You’ll likely have more dialogue with your contractor during this stage to ensure everything goes smoothly. After all, this is where the kitchen you envisioned comes to life!

Do a thorough inspection of your new kitchen with your design plans nearby. The layout and design should match what you signed off on and the kitchen should have all the functionality you require. Check over all the new and existing features to ensure nothing was damaged during the remodeling process. 

A good contractor will clean up after themselves to remove debris and dust from the construction process, but it’s usually worthwhile to do another deep cleaning before cooking in your new kitchen.

Get Your Dream Kitchen With Rossi Construction

We know how important having a good kitchen is, and we understand how much thought goes into the entire process. Rossi Construction has been delivering masterful kitchen remodels for over two decades in Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg. Our highly skilled and experienced contractors know how to exceed your expectations and help you achieve the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of.

We have a large collection of work that shows you that we know our way around a range of kitchen remodel projects. We can help you with your designs, stick to your deadlines and help you get a kitchen you love within your budget. Contact us online today and let our team show you what we can do for you and the quality we deliver.

Online Reviews

Bob Meier
Bob Meier
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They were very professional. Quoted us a time frame and they were exact on the time frame. The were very clean as they cleaned up every night. Any questions I had they were very helpful. Overall a great experience. We plan on using them again if we decide to redo our bathrooms. The kitchen came out very nice and we are very happy with it.
Missy P.
Missy P.
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This company is great. They did an awesome job on our remodel. The quality of work surpasses everything. All project hiccups were professionally handled and solutions came out better than planned. Jason Rossi and his lead foreman on our job Brian Smith are very professional. Brian provided a wealth of knowledge in regards to our entire first floor remodel project. Brian Smith is trustworthy and the quality of his work is impeccable. Job well done JRossi Construction!!
Ed M.
Ed M.
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The work quality was outstanding, the crew friendly and a delight to work with, and they cleaned up after themselves and left the place in great shape! When I remodel my other unit, there is no doubt that Rossi Construction will be doing the work there also. I had an issue with the door quality of the cabinets and Rossi and his crew met with myself, and the Cabinet Representative immediately, and the issue was resolved to My Satisfaction. You can easily tell that Customer Satisfaction is what everyone in the organization is focused on. Great Job and thanks again, Ed.
Beth Lawson
Beth Lawson
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Rossi just remodeled our hall bathroom and kitchen. They are incredibly skilled craftsmen who use the best products. We had two different men lead each project and they were both wonderfully skilled (cabinetry, tile, hardware installation, electric, plumbing, painting, etc.). They are honest, hardworking, on schedule, clean up after themselves, and fix problems. We highly recommend them.
Jeff S.
Jeff S.
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Rossi Construction just finished renovating our veterinary hospital. The entire process from start to finish was flawless. Jason was the only contractor who looked at our space and was able to get a rough quote to us within 24 hours. Everything ran on schedule and within budget, and the final product was beautiful. Our project supervisor was incredibly knowledgeable and easy to work with. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for construction work in the Tampa area.
Scott N.
Scott N.@username
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The guys from Rossi do great work. We did a complete remodel of two levels of our house (we have a split level). The work included a full redesign of the master suite (took space from the bedroom to make a bigger bathroom and add a walk-in closet, also changed configuration of some windows), full redesign of main level (kitchen, living, and dining space) that included floating a sunken floor and removing walls to open the space, and cosmetic updates to the rest of the bedrooms (new doors, trim, paint, etc.). Only small issues were due to subcontractors, and Rossi made sure everything was brought up to expectation. We're super happy with the result and would not hesitate to use them on future projects.
Adrien Tenor
Adrien Tenor
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I would highly recommend Rossi construction. Jason and his employees were very professional, very conscientious, and definitely went the extra mile to make sure I was happy with the project. If I emailed questions, they were promptly answered. I believe the pricing on the project was very fair. I am recommending them to all my friends. It was a great experience working with this contractor. I would hire them again in a heartbeat.
Jen H.
Jen H.
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Rossi Construction just finished renovating our veterinary hospital. The entire process from start to finish was flawless. Jason was the only contractor who looked at our space and was able to get a rough quote to us within 24 hours. Everything ran on schedule and within budget, and the final product was beautiful. Our project supervisor was incredibly knowledgeable and easy to work with. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for construction work in the Tampa area.
William D.
William D.@username
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Overall, the remodel went quite well. The workmanship is very good.The crew was very punctual and professional. I found some minor issues that I pointed out to them, and they resolved them to our satisfaction. They could have done a better job with drop cloths in the hallways. There was a fair amount of joint compound that got tracked around on the carpet, and some of the dirt & debris got ground into the carpet. However, I consider this to be a minor issue, and would definitely consider using them again.
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