A bathroom can be a calming retreat so it is important to get the perfect design for your style and interests. When planning a bathroom remodel, you should know consider some of the below-mentioned things.


Consider a classic or traditional style for simplistic bathrooms. A traditionally designed modern bathroom remains timeless. Modern bathroom design incorporates bright colors with contrasting textures. An eclectic bathroom style has an assortment of dissimilar elements. A countrified bathroom has the “bringing the outside inside” element. A romantic bathroom has ornate fixtures and beautifully crafted cabinet designs.  


A master bathroom has efficient utilization space, elegant designs, and comfort. Two people at a minimum can use the space. Plenty of storage space exists. Guest or family bathrooms should standalone, such as being located in the hallway, not connected to any rooms.


The master bathroom generally adjoins to the master bedroom. The master bathroom should be an extension of the master bedroom. A different style could create a jarring difference. Master bathrooms should have elegant designs. Guest bathrooms are located in areas where guests sit such as a hallway or beside the living room.

Vanity styles

Over centuries, bathroom vanity styles have evolved from simple designs to traditional ones and then to spa-like replicas. An unlimited number of modern bathroom vanity styles exist to choose from. At a fundamental level, a vanity starts with components such as mirrors, sinks, counter tops, storage for accessories, and bathroom essentials such as linens. You can look for bathroom vanity items at antique stores, flea markets, and online shopping retail outlets.

Cabinet ideas

Bathroom cabinets developed as important constituents that add functionality and attractiveness. Apart from providing storage needs, cabinets also fill-out spaces in the bathroom giving it a well-rounded appearance. When choosing cabinets you can go for standalone cabinets or ones that include sink and drawers as well. Modular cabinets fit standardized spaces like in track homes. Customized cabinets fit unusual spaces.


The bathroom is a good place to find solidarity, peace of mind, and indulge in undisturbed personal time.  Be sure to design your bathroom in a way that will make you feel relaxed. Contact Rossi Construction for superior remodeling in the Tampa Bay area.

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