With new homes being built around every corner, you may be inspired to remodel your own. If you own an older home in the Tampa Bay area, understand the market enjoys these homes! Keep this in mind when you decide the time is right to make changes to your lovely, old-charmed home.

Before focusing on aesthetic changes, it’s important to pay close attention to the foundation of your home. Overtime there could be structural damage that needs attention first. Also,consider your plumbing and electrical wiring that was likely installed when the house was first built. We recommend taking this time to update the windows, roof and masonry as well. Beginning with these structural necessities will ensure the safety and security of your home.

To protect the charm of your older home, we recommend you start with small cosmetic changes.Things like changing the paint colors or wallpaper around the house and purchasing new furniture pieces to replace older ones that have been damaged. Now would also be a great time to go green and switch all the light bulbs to LEDS. If you’re in the market for new appliances, choose energy-efficient models. Keep in mind the idea of reselling your home and take on projects that are unique to your home.

The historical value of your home can be a huge selling point. Often, these types of homes can sell for more money than expected. Know your home’s worth! Highlighting the quirks of your home will benefit you in the long run when it comes to selling. Know what features of your home are the most valuable and focus on them preserving them when you remodel.

The character of your house can never be fully changed, so learn to embrace all the beauty your home holds. An older residence can be more challenging than expected, but that’s the fun in slightly renovating your home!

Are you ready to refresh your historical residence? Make sure you are working with a team of professionals that will lead you down the right path. Our home remodel team in Tampa, Florida is here to help you from feeling overwhelmed and enjoy your home to the fullest. To learn more or to schedule your free estimate, contact us here.


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