An open floor plan is a growing trend in home design and with good reason. Rather than have areas like your living room, kitchen, and dining room separated with doorways, an open concept allows for an interior flow between these spaces. Each room can still serve its purpose but by breaking down the walls, family and friends can gather together through out this one flowing space.

If you’re hoping to complete an open concept remodel in Tampa, we’re here to help! Follow our best practices to create the most of your space:

Define Each Area

Some of the difficulty with an open concept remodel is understanding how to keep the space open but also defined.The design of the interior is one way to do so. Try to come up with one standout feature foreach space. To define the living room space, you can use a large sofa backed with a table to delineate where that space begins.Incorporating elements like a fireplace and TV will encourage an area of gathering and relaxing.Lighting is an easy way to outline spaces as well. A large chandelier or light fixture can be a focal point to the dining space. A celling fan and light combo may be more appropriate for the living area. Incorporating an island in the kitchen is a great way to encourage flow into the other rooms. Thinking about these details before you begin your remodel will help you envision your spaces and how they will function together.

Keep the Aesthetic in Mind

When combining different rooms into one open space, it’s important to think of how this will be on the eye. Making each space complimentary to each other will allow the rooms to flow together nicely. Think of your color choices, the type of lighting, and flooring. These should be consistent within the different areas. Décor elements can then be used to create more definition and character for each space thereafter.

Incorporating an open floor concept is a great way to bring some air and light into your home. Not only is it efficient and multifunctional, it is the perfect means to bring the family together and entertain too.

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