When it comes to remodeling your home, it is always tough figuring out what type of schedule you will be working around. You should take both your availability and your contractor’s availability into consideration, along with weather, and your budget. Many homeowners tend to remodel their homes in spring and summer months. But, in Tampa,the sun is always shining! Winter is your best bet to remodel, and here’s why:

1. Availability

The busiest seasons for contractors in Tampa, Florida falls in both the spring and summer months. During this peak season, it is often difficult to arrange consultations and talk face to face with your desired contractor. Many times,these meetings with your contractor can take several months in order to even begin your project. But, during the offseason of winter, you can benefit from the increased flexibility of your contractor. With guidance and dedication along your journey, your home can be renovated and ready to go just in time for Spring!

2. Renovations Can Be Done Both Indoors and Outdoors

Winter is typically associated with indoor remodeling. The truth is, winter is actually the best time to work on exterior renovations! In Tampa, we luckily aren’t faced with difficulty due to snowfall and freezing temperatures. Instead, we have the perfect temperatures for pouring concrete and installing foundations. During this winter season, think about your upcoming spring and summer months spent outdoors in your newly updated yard!

3. Supply and Demand

During the most popular seasons to remodel, many contractors are ordering the same products at the same time, causing a back-up in orders. In the winter,you will benefit from increased availability of materials, and get your project done faster. It is also the time to take advantage of reduced prices! While remodeling your home in the in the winter, look for special pricing offered by manufacturers.

4. Permit Approvals

Government agencies are usually less busy during the winter, which allows for less stress when trying to obtain necessary permits. Most home remodeling projects tend to require building permits. During the summer and spring seasons, these permits are difficult to obtain in a short amount of time. During winter, you can expect an easier process to securing permits.

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