Choosing flooring is a tricky process. Although you want to choose flooring based off the best-looking product, many factors need to be accounted for to ensure the perfect fit to your desired room. Every space has a different performance factor, and it can be difficult to settle on one type of flooring. To help you in choosing the perfect flooring for your home, we have broken it down into different rooms of the house:

Bathroom Flooring

When it comes to choosing flooring, the bathroom needs to be able to perform under stress. In case of emergency, the bathroom must be able to withst and against water. Tile is known to be one of the best water-resistant and durable types of flooring. Tile comes in a variety of sizes and materials including; marble, slate, granite, porcelain etc. It is the easiest to clean, and stains are never a concern. Because there are so many types of ceramic tiles, you will be able to design the floor of your dreams to match your bathroom.

Kitchen Flooring

The kitchen floor sees the highest traffic of any room in the house. The floor must be practical as well as durable. There are a variety of floors you can use for your kitchen,and most popularly used is wood. Wood is a classic choice when designing your kitchen. It can withstand heavy traffic and spills of various liquids, while adding a warm and luxe look to your kitchen. If you expect to entertain a lot of guests, another commonly used flooring material is stone and tile. Both are extremely sturdy and can not only stand up to heavy traffic but can add a unique decorative style to your home.

Living Room Flooring

A living room often has a cozy and comfortable feel for all. Although furniture covers most of the floor, it is important to put thought into which type of flooring will work best to not only compliment your room, but to accommodate your family and guests. Hardwood floors are perfect for a living room setting. There are plenty of choices for stain color, resulting in a refreshed and polished room for a modest price. For a plush feel, a beautiful rug to place on a hardwood floor is also a common theme among living rooms. For both a stylish and durable floor, a mix of both carpet and hardwood floors can be the perfect mix when designing your living room.

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