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As the season changes, we find many people are ready to “Spring Clean” and take on new projects around the home. What better place to start than the heart of your home – the kitchen.

Take a look at the top 5 kitchen design trends we’re seeing for this year:

Gray Color Schemes

Every few years we see color schemes come and go. White, dark cherry and oak- they’ve all gone out and come back again. But this year, gray is in. From the cabinets to the granite and even the paint, we’re seeing gray used everywhere throughout the kitchen. Gray is subtle, chic and easy on the eye. Plus, there is so much
you can do with the accents to compliment the color scheme. If you’re exploring colors for your kitchen, be sure to check out gray palettes.

Accent Kitchen Island

An island is a great way to add more to your kitchen: more counter space, more storage, and more functionality. Many times, the kitchen island becomes the hub where families meet to cook together, enjoy meals, entertain and even do homework. Rather than have your island blend into the rest of the cabinetry in your kitchen, we’re seeing a significant trend of making the island a focal point by adding a pop of color. You can take a bold step and make it bright or keep it soft and inviting. No matter which color scheme you choose, we’re confident an accent island will give your kitchen that extra oomph of excitement.

Open Shelving

If done right, open shelving is a beautiful way to add personality to your kitchen. Open shelving has become more and more popular as it fits in with any design style, from minimal and industrial to traditional and eclectic. Aside from showcasing your beautiful china, you can display cookbooks, plants and more. If you’re looking to add texture and accents to your kitchen, open shelving is a good option for you.

“Connected” Appliances

Technology is transforming the kitchen! Appliance vendors are taking everyday kitchen appliances into the future. Stoves are now available with finger touch and swipe controls. Smartphones can control the lighting of the kitchen, the temperature of the fridge, timers on your oven and microwave and much more. There are even refrigerators on the market that are connected to Wi-Fi and allow you to place an online grocery order right from the front of the fridge. If you’re a tech savvy person, you will want to check out the latest technology appliance offerings.

Statement Range Hoods

Range hoods serve a critical purpose in the kitchen. They vent away cooking odors and filter out heat, smoke, grease, and moisture. But, gone are the days where you take the standard option at the home improvement store. Big, bold range hoods are in and are becoming a focal point of the kitchen. Think pops of color, ornate details, and luxurious finishes that will give your kitchen a little flare.


If you have other design trends you love, we’d like to hear about them – tell us in the comments! Ready to create the kitchen of your dreams? Contact us today to learn how we can help you begin your kitchen remodel.

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