Kitchen remodeling remains popular as homeowners continue to create a friendly, comfortable and well-organized center of the home.  In addition to an improved overall appearance and better organization, kitchen remodels also hold reasonable return on investment (roi).

Midrange smaller kitchen remodels, including new countertops; appliances; cabinet fronts and hardware will run a homeowner roughly $20,000 and will result in a return of close to $15,000.  Major kitchen remodels will range an average of $60,000 and the return on investment will be roughly $40,000.  The return on investment will change as kitchen remodeling plans approach high-end renovation territory.

The driving force behind kitchen remodeling is always functionality.  Start by conducting research near your home and visit home improvement shows or kitchen show rooms to test products up close and personal.  Next, you will want to set a budget that mirrors your priorities for the space and make yourself familiar with the design elements you will be able to fit into your budget.

Modern kitchens average up to 3oo square feet and tend to be part of an open-floor plan.  Popular trends include a move away from clutter, energy efficiency, natural materials and a major shift toward simplicity.  Look to digital design resources, magazines, books and homes featured on style programs for inspiration.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

It may be time for your family to cut the clutter.

Now is the time to take inventory of what you need for storage, and make a plan that will fit your needs.  Cabinet makers understand the need for solid storage and organization, and have acted accordingly by developing superb storage options.

How do you want your family to use your kitchen?

Determine whether you want to use your kitchen as a hub of family fun, one in which you both cook and entertain your family.  Do you want to cook alone or with a friend or family member?  Will the kitchen be a room where the kids do homework with their friends?  Keep track of what works and what is not working.

Plan for efficiency.

If the kitchen feels like a battle zone, consider working the triangle or building separate work stations within the kitchen.

As you plan to build a friendlier kitchen, you will want to keep all of your plans on budget!  Consult with the team from Rossi Construction, Inc. at 813.436.0177 regarding the best choices for developing a budget which will allow for a solid return on investment.

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