master bathroom designSome people remodel their homes because there is a need that must be filled, such as new appliances needing to be installed or wanting energy-efficient windows. Thirty-six percent of all remodeling jobs are done to repair property damage. Other times, the homeowner simply wants to update an existing room and make it more aesthetically pleasing.

When remodeling a home, many people find that a new bathroom ranks fairly high on their wish list, making up 78% of all home renovations. Installing a new master bathroom is a great way to increase a home’s resale value, with bathroom remodeling averaging a 63.6% return on investment. There are many different master bathroom designs available, and most are customizable to fit a homeowner’s personal style and needs.

Some of the most popular master bathroom designs actually don’t feature a bathtub at all! Free-standing showers are growing in popularity, with luxury shower heads that imitate rain or waterfalls. In rooms where the bathtub is included, it is likely to be a standalone tub, as well. Clawfoot tubs, inspired by historic home renovations, and modern basin tubs are both growing in popularity.

Another frequently-requested home remodeling service is the installation of a new kitchen. Upgrading appliances to be energy-efficient and attractive is always in, and stainless-steel remains the most popular material choice for appliances. Interior remodeling contractors recommend custom cabinetry so that homeowners can get the biggest value for the price.

Pantries and other storage options are also becoming increasingly popular. Many home renovation service providers are seeing an increase in closet size and number. Many homeowners add a walk in closet for each spouse in the master suite, with custom shelves and dividers to match each person’s height.

With home renovations on the rise, kitchen and master bathroom designs becoming easier to customize. From appliance layout to tile coloring, every aspect of home renovation can be tailored to the homeowner’s needs. Talk to your local contractor today to find the right remodeling plan for you.

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