Conventional wisdom, as it relates to your house, is often too much convention and not enough wisdom.

Every year, someone publishes a list of which conventional Tampa remodeling projects will give you the best and/or worst return on your Tampa remodeling investment (ROI).

Remodel a bathroom.  Replace the siding.  Do not add a swimming pool.  Paint it all neutral colors, the kind that appeals to the masses.

It all sounds a bit like advice that your mom and dad might pass along, just applied to your biggest investment.

If return on investment (ROI) is why you bought your home, or why you are planning a Tampa remodeling project, you can stop reading now.  This article really is not for someone looking for a return on investment in their Tampa remodeling project.

Are you still there?

You invest in your home to improve the livability first, the quality of life, not the value.  If you get more value in the process of your Tampa remodeling project, consider the ROI a bonus and not the primary goal.

If it becomes a matter of return on investment first, you become the person requesting and investing in a Tampa remodeling project that does not make sense for your family.  You do not want to be the person thinking of ways for a Tampa remodeling project to make your house less livable.

What are some cost-effective ways to improve the livability of your house?

  • Consider foregoing some kitchen cabinets, and adding a walk-in pantry as part of your Tampa remodeling project.  A pantry takes up little space, stores a lot and is a relatively inexpensive investment.
  • Add a cool shower, the kind that has been designed to meet ADA guidelines as well as one that has bonus comfort features for everyone.  A shower does not take up a lot of space, and is a great idea in any Tampa remodeling project.
  • Spend more time planning, and less money building when you work on your Tampa remodeling project.  If you plan smart, it means you will not spend money fixing mistakes in the near future.
  • Spend the money you have on the best products and materials that fit your budget.  If granite is not in the budget for your Tampa remodeling project, invest in what you can comfortably afford and put the rest in the bank.

Most of these ideas will never make it to a list of “best ROI for Tampa remodeling projects,” but all will allow you to save money over conventional design strategy.  More importantly, all of these ideas for Tampa remodeling projects make your house more enjoyable.

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