It always feels like everyone has a tip or a trick regarding the best way to remodel your kitchen, but so few people address the errors that we encounter every day. This is a review of a few planning mistakes that you want to try to skip in your Tampa kitchen remodel.

Appliances need to fit how you live.

In 2013 there is always a big desire to have either the same appliances that your friends and family have, or you may even feel the need to outdo the neighbors. This result is homeowners looking for names like Wolf, while they harbor dreams of a six burner range, and the budget bumps again or quality is abandoned in some other area of the Tampa kitchen remodel. You need to be willing to drop the idea of the fanciest stove, instead going for a stove that fits how your family lives, and put that cash into something like a better grade of cabinetry or the tile that you really want.

I can’t see anything in this Tampa kitchen.

One of the biggest mistakes that we see on a regular basis is not only poor lighting layout during the design phase, but also poor lighting selections. Homeowners tend to run out of steam, or creativity, when it is time to decide on the lighting fixtures and will grab whatever they can find for the best price. It is vital that your Tampa remodel project does not get the better of you, because you should narrow potential lighting selections at the start of the construction project. The goal is to make sure that the fixtures match the style of the Tampa kitchen remodel project. It is also important to really put time into the layout, because you want your kitchen to both look good and be useful.

The flooring choice matters.


Few people are willing to see beyond the overall size of their kitchen when it comes to flooring, resulting in Rossi Construction, Inc. hearing “a cheap floor just makes sense.” You need to consider flooring to be the foundation of your Tampa kitchen remodel project, because it can build the overall direction of your project or it can mean a big expense in the future if you get tired of the cheap flooring. It is better to do it right in the first place.

This is a simple sampling of the mistakes that we encounter when our Rossi Construction, Inc. team is on Tampa kitchen remodel projects. We covered floor to ceiling with these ideas, but always remember that there can be problems with cabinets; hardware and cabinets.

Consult with Rossi Construction, Inc. to overcome potential errors on your Tampa kitchen remodeling project.

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