If you are thinking about adding a media room, check these tips and ideas from Rossi Construction, Inc. meant to optimize your home cinema fun.

In an ideal world, all of us would have a big screen and a fantastic surround sound system for their media room.  If a big screen television is not in the cards, try to make the screen the central focus of the room.

Try to create classic cinema drama!

As you develop the ambiance of your home theater, you will want to aim for a feel that re-creates a different time.  Heavy curtains that you can tie-back are a wonderful way to give the feel of an actual theater, while not detracting from the design of your home.

Reduce extraneous sources of light.

In addition to using curtains to create the feel of an old theater, similar heavy curtains can be used to block light from outdoors and to frame the large screen.  Painting the ceiling a dark blue can also help mute light which may detract from image quality.

Make it nighttime all the time, but do not skimp on the comfy seats.

To aid the overall viewing experience, aim for a “nighttime all the time” feel by adding dark colored seats and by painting the walls an equally dark color.  In your search for warm chocolate paint and matching loungers, do not forget to go after functionality in all of the seating you purchase.

I love these ideas, but I am really not sure where I can add a home theater!

If the concept of a home theater appeals to you, but you are worried that you lack the space, you can always consider converting a garage to create the media room of your dreams.

If it is time to either convert a room or add a room to house your home theater, Rossi Construction, Inc. is ready to schedule a consultation.  You can reach us at 813.436.0177.

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