Commercial Construction TampaMillennials are tech-savvy and creative. The working trend to accommodate these up and comers is a different working style and than other generations. For example, Millennials might be more productive sitting in cafés, coffee shops, or lobbies more than in traditional workstations. Mobile technology enables many of them to work whenever they want to at any location.

Modularity and flexibility

Many vendors offer modular systems made up of exchangeable parts, such as raised flooring, walls, and furnishings. Wireless technology and plug-and-play equipment support reconfiguration too. Often, modular components can be demounted and moved, even to another building entirely.  

Modularity applies to the planning process as well.  If offices are designed to be the same size, private offices and conference rooms the same size, it is easier to repurpose spaces by moving furniture instead of knocking down walls.

Millennials embrace open floor plans

Providing more open places for informal meetings is a successful strategy. Millennials have a lower demand for privacy than baby boomers. Spacious glass walls and perimeter open spaces bring in natural light and can allow for beautiful ocean and city views. These kinds of open plans also encourage socialization, which seems to be more accepted in workplaces today.

While workplaces are trending toward open and flexible spaces, designers and contractors must remember the need for quiet, private spaces at work.

Ultimately, the builder must assess each organization’s distinctive needs. The builder should examine the client’s industry, market, culture, demographics, and retention.

Workspaces are changing

Where assigned individual workstations are provided, they are generally becoming smaller and simpler. Office environments are becoming less about hierarchy and more about functionality.

To accommodate more people with fewer desks, designers are turning to desk sharing, benching, and hoteling. Examples include casual lounge seating with an integrated work surface or a table with two chairs.

Workstation wall panels are also shrinking in height to avoid the typical model of rows of cubicles. Lower walls are better for employee interactions.

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