Bathroom remodeling is not a quick or cheap affair, so it’s understandable why you want only the best out of the process. Thankfully, there are some easy tips to follow when it comes to designing and creating the modern bathroom of your dreams.

Tip 1—Invest in Expansive Wall Mirrors

Large wall mirrors in a bathroom serve two purposes—they look great and they offer plenty of space for getting ready. And we all know that mirror space is prime real estate in any home!

On top of all this, mirrors can actually help your bathroom look larger than it really is. Sure, it might just be your eyes playing tricks on you, but your envious house guests don’t have to know that!

Tip 2—Choose Your Countertops Carefully

When doing a Tampa bathroom remodel lots of people make the mistake of installing countertops in their bathroom that are just too low, which leads to a lot of hunching, bending, and general inconvenience. To remedy this, install your countertops at the same level you would in your kitchen.

When choosing a surface, you should seriously consider granite. It’s easy to clean, and its dark color makes hiding stains a breeze.

Tip 3—Invest in Custom Glass Shower Enclosures

Nothing says modernism and class like a glass shower enclosure. They’ll give your bathroom a sleek feel, and they’re much more hygienic than a shower curtain, which is susceptible to mold. Plus, with a glass enclosure you’re much less likely to accidentally get water everywhere when you shower than with a traditional shower curtain.

Tip 4—Use Recessed Ceiling Lighting

Most Tampa bathroom designs you see today rely heavily on recessed lighting, and this a great alternative to hanging fixtures because it takes up less space. This means that your bathroom will look larger, and more importantly, you won’t be ducking to avoid your lights as you get ready at the mirror.

Tip 5—Try Self-Closing Drawers

Sure, self-closing drawers aren’t a necessity, but they’re great to have regardless! They really bring out that modern feel and ensure you’re not bumping into one that you forgot to close.

Tip 6—Use Elongated Toilets

No one likes talking about toilets, but since we’re on the subject—go with an elongated model! These are typically more comfortable and more space saving than a rounded bowl.

Tip 7—Lay Down Large Tiles

Tile adds a modern, elegant feel to any room, and large tile is an especially good choice. Large tiles mean less work when laying them, and they mean fewer grout lines to clean in the long run.

Tip 8—Choose Earth Tones for your Bathroom

Earth tones not only look great, but they really help to open up a space as well. Since the bathroom is typically one of the smaller rooms in the house, dark colors will make them appear downright tiny. Earth tones, on the other hand, will give you the appearance of a larger room.



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