Modifying Your Tampa Home To Meet ADA Standards

A disability accessible home is typically considered a home that any person, either fully ambulatory or in some way physically hampered, is capable of entering and using for either a short stay or a lifetime of living. With young men and women returning from various duty stations severely injured, many of our friends around Tampa have given a large amount of thought toward how it is possible to make their homes accessible to returning friends and family.

How can I modify my Tampa home to meet Americans with Disabilities Standards?

The primary goal in any Tampa home modification is to ensure that the architecture of the house does not lend itself to isolation of friends or family in wheelchairs. While we initially explained this in terms of returning injured veterans, it is important to understand that anyone could be in a wheelchair and this can be either temporary or a genetic disorder that lasts for the entire lifetime.

Your house needs to be accessible to wheelchairs, walkers and individuals who have trouble navigating due to the physical impairments that a stroke can signal. The house can easily be made accessible to all, and the only thing that is required is a few key changes to certain areas of the house.

Which areas need to be modified in the house?

  • Rossi Construction, Inc. needs to make one entrance in the household completely step free.
  • Entry doors, bathroom doors and all doors in between need to be at least 32” wide for passage.
  • At least ½ bath must be accessible on the main floor of the Tampa home. We prefer to see a full bath.

If I make the change, do I benefit?

  • Your home will be accessible to everyone from the date modifications are complete.
  • If a family member develops a disability through age, illness or accident you are prepared.
  • Your home will also be friendly to the elderly, particularly your parents as they age.

Can you explain a few of features to me?

  • A ramp will most likely be one of the first things everyone thinks of and, in this case, you want the ramp to be installed on the door that will provide the most convenient overall household access.
  • Expect a bathroom door that is hinged to swing outward, rather than inward, in order to allow the door to close when someone with a wheelchair enters the bathroom.

There is definitely more involved in the modification of a Tampa home to meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act, but this opens your eyes to the idea of making your house a “home” for everyone. Please call the Rossi Construction, Inc. team at 813.436.0177 to discuss making your Tampa home accessible to your friends and family with special needs.

Home Modification Grants For Injured Veterans

PRLog (Press Release) – Feb. 25, 2013 – Rossi Construction, Inc. issued an informative statement to veterans across Tampa Bay on Monday, to discuss the topic of home improvement and modifications programs offered by the Veteran’s Administration to accommodate injured veterans for their disabilities.

Rossi Construction, Inc. explained that there are currently three types of grants available, but discussed two of the most popular grants.

A representative from Rossi Construction, Inc. explained that the first type of grant available to injured veterans is a Home Improvement and Structural Alteration Grant (HISA). The HISA grant offers financial resources to disabled veterans to make modifications to their homes to improve the overall access and mobility within the house. Rossi Construction, Inc. explained that a particular focus is put on facilitating ease of use in the bathrooms. It is not a requirement that the disability be service related, or service incurred, but veterans with service incurred injuries will be eligible for up to $6,800.00 in grant funding.

Rossi Construction, Inc. explained that eligibility for a HISA grant requires a doctor’s diagnosis that explains the medical reasoning for needing the home modifications, as well as bids from three contractors who conduct work similar to that of Rossi Construction, Inc. for the proposed cost of the work. Appropriate paperwork can be obtained from the local VA hospital in either Tampa or St. Petersburg. It is possible that the veteran can have these home modifications completed on a home he or she does not own, as long as the homeowner has approved of the work.

A representative from Rossi Construction, Inc. explained that the second type of grant available to injured veterans is a Specially Adapted Housing Grant (SAH). The SAH grant provides financial resources to veterans for home modifications to make their house accessible to wheelchairs. Rossi Construction, Inc. explained this grant is ONLY available to veterans with service incurred disabilities; very often the type brought about by recent deployment and improvised explosive devices. The maximum amount allowable under SAH grants is a total of close to $64,000.00.

A veteran must have a service incurred disability that has resulted in the loss of function in at least one leg, if he or she is to qualify for a SAH grant.

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