Making Your Kitchen Safer Through Remodeling

Homeowners often think their kitchen is outdated from the appearance of their cabinets, ugly old appliances and cracked counters.  What you may not realize is that there are other reasons why a kitchen needs to be remodeled.

Here are some tips to help you evaluate the condition of your kitchen and decide if the time is right for a remodel!

Do you find yourself satisfied with the amount of space that is available on counters, in cabinets and on floors?

The position of appliances or the shape of counters may be eating-up useful work station space.  If you decide it is time to remodel, you want to keep nearly 160” of countertop frontage, 24” deep and 15” of clearance from above.  This will accommodate all uses, including preparation and storage.

Do you have children?  How old are your children?  Do you plan on adding more children to your family?

Depending on whether you are raising children, and the ages of your kids, it may be time to remodel your kitchen.  Older appliances and the design of your kitchen may prove to be hazardous to youngsters.  If you are building the family, it may make sense to have a kitchen geared toward cooking larger meals and lower cabinets that are safe for the kids to access on their own.  A great example is installing the microwave 3” below the shoulder of the main user.  It is also a good idea to skip the sharp corners on countertops when there are kids in the household.

Is your kitchen easily accessible to someone with disabilities?  Will the kitchen work for you as you get older?

Considering both of these issues is vital to any Tampa kitchen remodeling project.  Universal Design techniques in the kitchen remodeling project will assure that the space is useable by everyone, regardless of physical ability or age.  There will be no need for adaptation later.

Before you remodel the kitchen, make a checklist of any problems and keep notes of the features which you find distasteful.  A list will make things easy when it comes time to sit down with a qualified representative from Rossi Construction, Inc.  We will know how best to satisfy your needs, taste and style.  For additional information about remodeling and safety, be sure to visit our blog frequently.

Schedule a kitchen remodeling consultation by calling us at 813.436.0177.  We look forward to speaking with you.

Tampa Residential Remodeling – Rossi Construction, Inc.

It can be difficult to decide whether a move is the best option for a family, or if it is in their best interest to stay in their current home and rely on the services of a Residential Remodeling Specialist.  Jason Rossi of Tampa, Florida headquartered Rossi Construction, Inc. believes that the decision can be made by realistically answering a series of pointed questions.  The answers will tell a home owner whether they are best suited talking to someone regarding ways to make the current home a more livable and desirable hearth and home for the family.

Rossi explained that the debate between Tampa remodel and outright move needs to begin with a question like, “How do I feel about the neighborhood and neighbors?”  If the neighborhood is one you like, the neighbors really are friendly and the schools are fantastic, it is probably a good idea to consider a remodeling job to improve the current home.

The second question must always deal with the house itself and any unique attributes it may have over any other options in the Tampa market.  Not all houses have a significance beyond a roof and four walls, but other homes do have some type of “wow” factor.  It may be design, a great architect or history that nobody really expected.  If the home is special, try to spare it being knocked-down by someone looking to build another small mansion.

Rossi went on to explain that all home owners should consider finances when determining if a Tampa remodeling project will make sense.  A home owner needs to consider the cost of the project, potential additional costs and even the possibility that a home owner will need to rent alternative housing if the work is extensive.

The final factor any home owner needs to consider when reviewing his or her options for a remodeling project versus a move is the house itself.  Does the home have good bones?  If the home is under ten years old but the foundation is falling apart, it is most likely time to consider a move.

Rossi finished by explaining that patience is the key personality trait any home owner needs when he or she is determining the best options for their family.  Patience will allow a home owner to determine the best place to begin.

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