Building My Tampa Media Room

Earlier this week, we shared some ideas for your Tampa media room and its optimized placement and preparation.  Rather than blasting you with too much information from the start, we wanted to make sure you understood more about proper placement of the media room; the basics of acoustics and how you can make the get the walls ready for a solid sound system.  It is time to look at some of the additional groundwork that needs to be in place for your peak enjoyment.

Preparing the ceiling in your Tampa media room.

In addition to covering the walls with a sound absorbing material, it is necessary to cover the ceiling with a similar material.  The preferred product is a melamine foam square, which can be adhered to the ceiling and decorated in any way that you would like.  Consider coloring them in darker colors, in order to minimize reflected light from the television or video screen.  The dark tiles will absorb the light in your Tampa media room, much like covered walls will absorb the sound.

What do I need to do to the floor in my Tampa media room?

Select a thick pad and dense carpet for the media room floor.  Both will help absorb sound and improve enjoyment of the media room.  If it is possible, keep the color dark to avoid reflection and hide the inevitable stains that even a stain resistant carpet is bound to receive over years of use.

Windows are never an advantage in a Tampa media room!

If it is at all possible, avoid windows at all cost in your Tampa media room.  Light from the outside will distract from your experience, and glass will cause problems with the sound.  If you are not able to escape the windows, try to use a shade AND heavy curtains to block the real world.

Be subtle with the lighting in your Tampa media room.

Bright light is not a necessity in the media room.  Subtle will work best, and it will prevent unintended distractions.  Lights need to b place in a way to prevent their reflection on the television screen.  Lights can also be directed at the floor, much like at your local movie theater.

After the team from Rossi Construction, Inc. helps you prepare your Tampa media room, it is just a matter of the electronic components!  Give us a call at 813.436.0177 to discuss the addition of a media room to your home!

Where Should I Add a Tampa Media Room?

A media room can be a great addition to your Tampa home.  It can give you and your family a place to escape from the stresses of the world, where you can enjoy a good movie or some music without the outside distractions of the real world.

Where should I add a Tampa media room?

The best shape for a Tampa media room is rectangular, with a flat ceiling that is no higher than 12’.  Square rooms can bounce the sound waves in an uneven pattern.  It is important that you also strive to place the Tampa media room in an enclosed space.  Open entrances without doors can allow sound waves to escape and let outside noise in.

Standing waves in a Tampa media room.

This is a phenomenon that needs to be avoided in the addition of a Tampa media room.  This occurs with parallel walls that are not fitted with any type of sound absorbing material, and it causes sound waves to be canceled out when they bounce back the way they came.  It can additionally create a sound that has too much bass or may be too tinny.  It is important to remember that you want the walls of your Tampa media room to enrich sound, rather than detract from your overall experience.

Preparing the walls in your Tampa media room for sound.

The easiest way to properly optimize the walls in a Tampa media room for sound is to cover the walls in open cell polyurethane acoustic foam panels, or fiberglass panels that are at least 2” thick.  As most of you will not like the idea of floor to ceiling acoustic walls, floor to ceiling curtains can accomplish the same goal in your Tampa media room and still give the appearance of a movie theater.

Join Rossi Construction, Inc. later this week, when we follow-up with the preparations that are needed for your ceiling; floor; windows and lighting in your Tampa media room.  If you are interested in learning more about the Tampa media room we can create for you, please call us at 813.436.0177 to schedule an appointment for a consultation.