Tampa Residential Remodeling Specialist on Instagram

Rossi Construction, Inc. announced that the Tampa, Florida residential remodeling specialist had joined the fast growing ranks of businesses on the social media platform Instagram.  The image based social media platform is Rossi Construction, Inc.’s social media account and will be used to host before and after images of all remodeling projects.  There are plans to launch a Pinterest account as the Instagram followers begin to grow.

Rossi Construction, Inc. has been interacting with readers and homeowners in search of a remodeling specialist across Facebook; Twitter and Google+.  As Rossi grew in presence and engagement expanded, it was time to add new accounts and Instagram was just the obvious progression.  On Instagram, Rossi Construction, Inc. will share images from its residential and commercial remodeling projects, interesting new building materials available and special events around the Rossi Construction, Inc. office.

The team members from Rossi Construction, Inc. are encouraging all current clients and business partners to find the residential remodeling specialist on Instagram at http://www.instagram.com/rossiconstructiontampa.  If any person is interested in receiving regular updates from Rossi Construction, Inc. they are encouraged to follow the remodeling specialists on Instagram.  The Rossi team also indicated that they would love to stay in touch with any followers by following back on Instagram.

Beyond Instagram, Rossi Construction, Inc. has been keeping people up to date regarding current projects using their electronic newsletter and Facebook.

Rossi Construction, Inc. is a general contractor based in Tampa, Florida.  Rossi Construction, Inc. specializes in all types of local residential and commercial construction.  Rossi Construction, Inc. works in both Tampa, Florida and St. Petersburg, Florida.  Rossi Construction, Inc. has been building excellence by design since 1979 and can be found online by visiting http://www.jrossiconstruction.com.

Tampa Residential Remodeling Checklist from Rossi Construction, Inc.

In a statement made to media in both Tampa and St. Petersburg, the home remodeling specialists from Rossi Construction, Inc. issued a pocket sized guide to local home owners.  The guide is meant to serve as a simple checklist by which a Tampa home owner can keep his or her budget for a home remodeling project truly under control.

The guide was initially launched by Jason Rossi with a simple connect the dots “best practices” outline, moving through topics like budget for a remodeling plan and tips for saving on different fixtures.

Rossi started with the budget, believing that it is the best place to kick-off any home remodeling project.  It is his belief that a sound understanding of the budget will illustrate which materials are viable and it will set boundaries regarding what the design will incorporate.

A surprising tip in the pocket guide was the concept of going “green.”  The specialists from Rossi Construction, Inc. feel that green products are good for both a family and the environment they plan to call home.  Green products are often more visually appealing, they function better, emit fewer chemicals and are generally healthier because of the manner in which they are produced.  An eco-friendly approach to Tampa remodeling is not just about new products, it can be as simple as choosing refurbished wood for your living room floor instead of a laminate.

To stem the tide of a growing remodeling budget, it was suggested that home owners avoid moving plumbing in rooms like the kitchen.  Moving a sink looks easy at first glance, but the problem lies beneath the surface and the total costs involved in big plumbing moves.  Spending less cash moving a sink means there will be more money for something else later in the remodeling project.

Rossi finished by explaining a home owner should NOT underestimate the importance of good lighting in any room being remodeled.  He offered the example of dim lighting in a relaxing bath, compared to bright lighting for all the early morning preparation.

Rossi Construction, Inc. is a general contractor based in Tampa, Florida.  Rossi Construction, Inc. specializes in all types of local residential and commercial construction.  Rossi Construction, Inc. works in both Tampa, Florida and St. Petersburg, Florida.  Rossi Construction, Inc. has been building excellence by design since 1979 and can be found online by visiting http://www.jrossiconstruction.com.

Remodel My Tampa Home or Move?

Do you want to stay in your home and remodel your existing house or do you want to move to another, newer, house in Tampa?  How do you make the decision?  Some will tell you to leave the old house and buy something new.  Others will tell you to rip it all down and start fresh in the same location, while others still will tell you to contact a Tampa general contractor about remodeling your home.

How do you make the decision to stay or go?  What criteria do you use to make a sound decision to stay and do a remodel or move to a new address?

Here are a few questions to ask yourself.  Your answers will help you decide whether a move is in your future.

How do you feel about the neighbors and the neighborhood? 

Is the neighborhood a place you like living?  Do you like your neighbors?  Are the amenities in the area good?  Are you happy with the local schools and their record with the state?

Is there something that is really unique and a little cool about your house?

While not every house has a significance beyond being the roof over your head, some do.  Whether it is design or some other quality, a home that is special should NOT be subjected to the wrecking ball.

Does remodeling make sense for your finances?

There are a ton of factors to weigh when it comes to the question of finances.  If you are remodeling, there is not only the cost of the project.  There could also be additional costs, such as temporary housing while the house is in one state of work or another.

Does the house currently have good bones?

Not all houses are a good candidate for a remodel!  While there are valid reasons to rebuild a historic building, a 15 year old suburban home with a bad foundation may not be the best candidate for remodeling.  Accurately take this into account when assessing the best plan for the house, because you need to understand the story behind sloping floors and cracks in the foundation.

Is there one personality trait I need to practice while assessing my options?

Patience is the key!  Being patient will help you identify the right place for you to start.  No matter if you end up in your current home or five miles from where you live right now, it will make the end result worth the journey!  Call us at 813.436.0177 to schedule an appointment during which we can start to determine the best path for you and your home!

Adding a Media Room

There are no hard and fast rules for what transforms a room with a television into a home media room.  At a minimum it is a bigger, better picture with better sound.  It is not just electronics junkies and lottery winners who are going in for home theater systems.  Families who want to treat their family to a better home cinema experience, without the overpriced candy, are upgrading thanks to affordable options for all budgets.

To create a media room in your house, you will first need to prepare a basement; attic or a space room of a college-bound child.  Then you will need to acquire the components:  a television; a receiver; a Blu-ray player and speakers.  You will then need to put it all together.  Throughout the process, remember that in the end what is important is not snazzy technology or killer specs for the room but how at home you feel in your media room.  You want to feel comfortable enough to enjoy yourself, really only giving thought as to the snack supply.

Without a room that is properly outfitted, even a top-of-the-line home theater will come across as being lackluster at best.  For most of this, this means remodeling a corner of the basement or a spare room to make it more inviting to a media room.  A Tampa general contractor can give you terrific insight covering direction, required supplies and timeline.

If the time is right to add a media room to your home, call Rossi Construction, Inc. at 813.436.0177 to schedule an appointment for a consultation!