Is it time to add a deck?

Tampa deck

For people looking to upgrade their Tampa home this spring, there are a myriad of ways to improve its functionality year-round. Adding a fantastic looking outdoor deck is one of the most popular methods by which to improve things because a deck provides a great place to spend family time and host parties all year! There are a number of benefits associated with adding a deck:

Tampa deck
The deck is a place to host parties!








Tampa deck
The deck will add to the curb appeal of your home!







Tampa deck
Decks do not take a long time to plan, build and complete!







Tampa deck
A deck costs less than other home addition projects!

Adding a Sunroom to My Tampa, Florida Home

Have you ever wondered which type of glass or screen-enclosed space connecting your house with the outdoors would suit your Tampa house the best?

Tampa sunroom, a room which can also be called a solarium or a conservatory, is a glassed-in living space that will most often be attached to the house and accessible while inside the house.  It is designed to serve as an additional living area during mild weather, but may be too hot during the heart of a Tampa summer.

Closely related to the sunroom in appearance and execution, a four-season porch, is designed to be heated and cooled.  As a result, the porch can be enjoyed for the entire year.

Featuring the same basic structure and construction as a sunroom or a four-season porch, an attached greenhouse structure offers light; temperature and humidity levels that are designed for plants.

The final option has walls constructed of screen or mesh, rather than glass or another building material.  This offers the advantage of fresh air without the introduction of nature into a sitting area.  Like the sunroom, it is habitable when the weather is agreeable.  It can make a great budgetary choice.

Deciding the optimum location for your addition is the first critical step when planning the right materials for your glass or screen enclosed sunroom.  Call Rossi Construction, Inc. at 813.436.0177 for a free consultation to discuss the optimum location for an addition.