Tampa Kitchen Remodeling Projects That Add Value

PRLog (Press Release) – Mar. 14, 2013 – TAMPA, Fla. — Rossi Construction, Inc issued the first in a series of articles discussing Tampa kitchen remodeling projects on Thursday.

Rossi Construction, Inc. asked if home owners ever find that they weight the pros and cons of concrete countertops in precious spare time?  Rossi Construction, Inc. asked if home owners ever consider the finer points of walnut cabinetry?  If home owners answered in the affirmative to either, then they have a Tampa kitchen remodeling project on the top of the mind.

Rossi Construction, Inc. explained that it turns out that home owners are not alone in Tampa kitchen remodeling fever.  According to information gathered in a National Organization of Home Builders survey, kitchen remodeling projects are up seventeen-percent from the numbers provided by a 2010 survey.

Before getting the tools out, or head to the hardware store, a home owner needs to consider what type of Tampa kitchen remodeling project is best for family finances; best for the family and best for the future of the  household.

Rossi Construction, Inc. explained that improvements can be classified into two categories, the first of which will add actual verifiable monetary value to the house.  The second category makes the house more appealing to buyers, and a great example would be adding high-end countertops that make an impact on buyers but do not add to overall usable space in the kitchen.

This makes you wonder “what” makes the right recipe for a Tampa kitchen remodeling project.

Rossi Construction, Inc. is a general contractor located in Tampa Florida.  Rossi Construction specializes in residential and commercial construction.  Rossi has been building excellence by design since 1979.  Rossi Construction, Inc. can be found online by visiting http://www.jrossiconstruction.com.
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Rossi Construction, Inc. In The News

Rossi Construction, Inc. announced that the Tampa Florida construction company would be launching a blog covering all topics associated with residential construction and remodeling. The blog is intended to provide homeowners in the Tampa Bay area with a credible resource for learning the ins and outs of what it takes to secure a high quality craftsman.

The first article covered by the new Rossi Construction, Inc. blog reviews the topic of what to ask when hiring a Tampa general contractor. The article peels away the layers of the construction project, forcing the homeowners to step away from anything associated with the “thrill” of a remodel and really look at who they are trusting with the project. The experts from Rossi Construction, Inc. provide homeowners with a helpful list of “must answer” questions that every homeowner should employ when talking to a general contractor.

  1. Will the bid be itemized?
  2. Is this bid fixed or is it an estimate?
  3. How long has the general contractor been working in Tampa?
  4. Which suppliers does the general contractor work with in Tampa?

Rossi Construction, Inc. explains that it is not only the answers to these questions that will help a homeowner find a Tampa general contractor; it is the way that the questions are answered.

Future articles covered by the Rossi Construction, Inc. blog will include topics associated with new construction in the Greater Tampa Bay area, what to expect when a construction project is underway and some interesting news regarding commercial construction. Rossi Construction, Inc. encourages all readers to submit article topics, any/all questions and a miscellaneous comment to the company Facebook page which can be found by visiting http://www.facebook.com/rossiconstruction.

Rossi Construction, Inc. is a general contractor located in Tampa Florida. Rossi Construction specializes in residential and commercial construction. Rossi has been building excellence by design since 1979.