Remodeling Projects: Master Bath, Outdoor Kitchen, Fireplace Chase & Cladding, Kitchen
Countertops, Fixtures, and Other Misc. Updates

Approximate Timeline: 2.5 Months

Location: Apollo Beach, FL

Project Details: Wendy and Victor Peters had just purchased a second home in Florida and found it to be dated to the 2000s, needing updates to make it feel like home. Knowing they could not budget to update the entire house all at once, they did their due diligence and allowed Rossi Construction the opportunity to develop some designs and quote out their project. After our initial on-site meeting where we discussed their wants and desires, budget and timetable, we were able to begin their remodeling project. We weren’t the lowest quote they had received, but Wendy later told us that it was the value of what was presented to her and her husband that ultimately convinced them to go with Rossi Construction.

Admittedly, our designs were not exactly what she initially was looking for, but she appreciated our experience and honesty regarding our suggestions throughout their project. We also proved, as we always do, to successfully incorporate her ideas to make the most sense from a design and function standpoint.

All in all, the Peter’s project was completed on time and on budget and all of us at Rossi Construction couldn’t be prouder of how everything turned out. More importantly, Wendy and Victor absolutely love showing off all their renovations, and based on their feedback, we look forward to continuing to help them turn their Florida house into their dream home.