As bathroom remodeling specialists, we have a wealth of helpful information to share when it comes to creating the space of your dreams. One of the most important tips we tell all of our clients is to consider the bathroom remodel layout first.

Think of the View Into the Bathroom

When planning your bathroom layout, it’s important to think of the view. What do you want to see and feel when your first enter the room? What do you want the focal point to be? These are important components to decide on so that our team can help you pull together the view you are looking for.

What Elements Do YouWant to Incorporate?

Understanding which bathroom elements you want to include in your remodel will affect the entire layout of the room. Items to consider include the bathtub, shower features, the size of the vanity, how many sinks, a sitting area, etc. The space available in the room, paired with the design elements you want to feature, will dictate how your layout can come together to fit everything you want.

Sometimes, changing the layout isn’t an option. Whether it is due to budget or structural issues, knowing how the layout will remain (or how it will change) is critical to the success of your remodel.

At Rossi Construction, our goal is to create a bathroom oasis for you and your family to enjoy. By taking the proper steps to plan your bathroom remodel layout, we can set realistic expectations so that you can understand what’s next each step of the way.

Our team has been performing bathroom remodeling in the Tampa Bay area since 2000. Trust that our trained professional caring team is there to provide you with the support you need to undertake your bath remodeling project. If you’re ready to get started planning your bathroom remodel, contact us today at 813.436.0177.

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