2021 is a new year for change and opportunity. If you are starting off the year as new homeowners or just ready for a change, be sure to incorporate new trends in styling your home. Transforming your home with new and trending decor is an exciting way to begin the year. Understanding these trends and finding the perfect pieces to complete your decor may be overwhelming.

To help you enjoy the process,we gathered the top 5 incoming trends of 2021:

  1. Add Texture
    Finding the perfect colors to paint your home can be unbelievably time consuming. Although the colors may complement one another, it’s time to stand out. This year, hop on the new trend of adding texture to your walls. Adding wood panels, a brick design, or any panel to mimic a specific look can add depth and dimension to your home. This wall is bound to stand out amongst your home and fit right in the 2021 trends.
  2. Create Life Spaces
    COVID-19 left us all to resort to our kitchen tables not only for eating, but also for office space. When designing your home, you may want to think about a work space. Creating clean and organized rooms may be effective for your work ethic in the long run. Adding a touch of your own style to make your office as comfortable as possible will be imperative for 2021.
  3. Make it Metal
    Home decor has turned to metal as the perfect choice for accents, forms of art, and a stand out material. Metal is making a comeback in the world of decor, so don’t miss out! Adding this material not only allows for a striking presence, but a warm feel when paired with the right colors. Mixing metal with materials such as wood or stone is going to become more popular for the upcoming year.
  4. Staying Neutral
    Neutral colors are a simplistic way to style your home. Although the colors may be subtle, adding some color to accents and furniture is the perfect way to have a room “pop.” Using strong black and white accents will be trending heavily in 2021. Keeping it simple with stunning accents will continue to highlight your home.
  5. Be You
    When styling your home, keep in mind that it will be your safe place for years to come. Making your new home both trendy and comforting is the best way to add your own style. By following these trends, you can have a great foundation for colors and texture, while adding in pieces of your own taste. Designing your home is all about your personality mixed in with modern trends.

2021 is the perfect year to hop in on new trends and styles to spice up your home. Eager to get started? Our team at Rossi Construction will help execute the renovation of your dreams. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary in home, socially distant estimate.

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