In a statement made to media in both Tampa and St. Petersburg, the home remodeling specialists from Rossi Construction, Inc. issued a pocket sized guide to local home owners.  The guide is meant to serve as a simple checklist by which a Tampa home owner can keep his or her budget for a home remodeling project truly under control.

The guide was initially launched by Jason Rossi with a simple connect the dots “best practices” outline, moving through topics like budget for a remodeling plan and tips for saving on different fixtures.

Rossi started with the budget, believing that it is the best place to kick-off any home remodeling project.  It is his belief that a sound understanding of the budget will illustrate which materials are viable and it will set boundaries regarding what the design will incorporate.

A surprising tip in the pocket guide was the concept of going “green.”  The specialists from Rossi Construction, Inc. feel that green products are good for both a family and the environment they plan to call home.  Green products are often more visually appealing, they function better, emit fewer chemicals and are generally healthier because of the manner in which they are produced.  An eco-friendly approach to Tampa remodeling is not just about new products, it can be as simple as choosing refurbished wood for your living room floor instead of a laminate.

To stem the tide of a growing remodeling budget, it was suggested that home owners avoid moving plumbing in rooms like the kitchen.  Moving a sink looks easy at first glance, but the problem lies beneath the surface and the total costs involved in big plumbing moves.  Spending less cash moving a sink means there will be more money for something else later in the remodeling project.

Rossi finished by explaining a home owner should NOT underestimate the importance of good lighting in any room being remodeled.  He offered the example of dim lighting in a relaxing bath, compared to bright lighting for all the early morning preparation.

Rossi Construction, Inc. is a general contractor based in Tampa, Florida.  Rossi Construction, Inc. specializes in all types of local residential and commercial construction.  Rossi Construction, Inc. works in both Tampa, Florida and St. Petersburg, Florida.  Rossi Construction, Inc. has been building excellence by design since 1979 and can be found online by visiting

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