With Spring in full swing, many people are pushing up their sleeves and doing a deep clean of their home. While cleaning closets and organizing your belongings are the typical tasks at hand, have you thought of following?

Shower Curtains: When is the last time you gave your shower curtain its own cleaning? While some people prefer to swap out their curtain for a new one (when they remember!) it’s pretty easy to give your curtains a quick cleaning. Plastic or vinyl curtains can go through the wash on a gentle cycle with towels. Hang dry in your shower. You can also clean curtains with an all-purpose bleach cleaner and give it a good rinse before showering.

Reusable Tote Bags: Our handy tote bags sure are helpful for carrying things and cutting down on plastic use, but have you stopped to give them a good clean? Check the label to see if they can be machine washed. If not, consider a scrub with some warm soapy water and let air dry. Follow up with a spritz of sanitizing spray to ensure they are totally germ free!

Junk Drawers: Junk drawers are the collectors all of all the random things that don’t have a home. It’s likely there are many things in your junk drawers that can be thrown out or relocated. Spring is the perfect time to declutter these drawers. Go through and see what you need or don’t and perhaps consider buying some drawer organizers to sort your items.

Grout: Over time, grout can collect dust and dirt and change to a different color. Let your favorite bathroom cleaner sit on your grout for a few mins then scrub with a brush to restore the original clean color. Sometimes grout may dry out and crack off. After a thorough cleaning would be a great time to do some touch ups if needed.

Ceiling Fixtures: Many of us use our ceiling fans and hanging lights so often we forget they can still collect dust. Spring is the perfect time to break out the step ladder and extendable duster to give these fixtures a proper cleaning.

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