As your needs from your home change over the years, homeowners are faced with a big decision – remodel or move? It is not an easy question to tackle as there are many factors to consider.

With over 30-years’ experience in home remodels, we’re happy to share our insights to help make this decision lest stressful for you. Here are the top 3 things you should consider before deciding should you remodel or move:


Whether you move or remodel, finances comes first. What do you hope to achieve out of a remodel? Can your finances get you there? Understand your budget, make a list of must-haves for the renovation and see if that is doable. Remember, finances will play a role if you move as well. So, before you can decide on either, know your financial limitations.


This is typically the top factor when it comes to choosing a home. It is very important to consider the location of your home before you decide to remodel or move.See what is available in your desired areas, sometimes this will give you your answer.If you love your neighborhood now, then remodeling is definitely the way to go.

Structural Elements

Before you enter any type of remodel journey, it’s crucial to check the bones of your home. Ensuring that you have a strong foundation and structural elements will be a huge factor when it comes to a remodel. If your structure cannot support a remodel then you may need a complete renovation to create your dream home. If that isn’t within the budget, then moving may be the logical choice.

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