As businesses begin to reopen after Coronavirus closures, many are adjusting to the “new normal” way to operate. For the construction industry, it has been especially difficult. Not only are people weary about allowing workers into their home, shipments and deliveries are delayed and materials can be harder to get.

At Rossi Construction, we are happy to share we are back open and operating. We follow strict social distancing guidelines and take every precaution possible. We always keep safety in mind for your home remodel during Coronavirus.

Scheduling is Key

While we want to finish our projects as timely as possible, we’re taking into consideration how many people are allowed on a job site at once. We enforce strict social distancing guidelines and require our team members to wear masks and gloves throughout the duration of the work day.

Cleanliness Is a Top Priority

We always work hard to ensure our job site is clean and safe. Due to the Coronavirus, our staff is extra diligent about cleanliness and is frequently disinfecting high touch surfaces. We are utilizing plastic barriers where to can to contain our teams to their workspace. Sanitizer and cleaning products are available on every job site as well. Additionally, we check in with our teams to ensure they are feeling healthy and showing no signs of sickness.

Utilizing Virtual

The home remodel process can require a lot of planning and discussion. These days we rely on virtual calls as much as possible in place of in person meetings. Whether it be reviewing plans or materials, technology has made it very easy to coordinate and discuss the project so that we are all on the same page.

Our goal is to ensure the utmost safety during your Coronavirus home remodel. Count on our team to get your remodeling project done safely. Schedule a free socially distance home estimate to get started and learn how we can make your home dreams come true!

To request a complimentary estimate or to discover how Rossi Construction can make your dream renovation project a reality, give us a call or use our contact form.