Summer is right around the corner and many people are ready to give their home a much-needed refresh. As you plan to update your home, consider these latest trends in Home design:

Modern Farmhouse

Farmhouse design has truly made a comeback in recent years.  The modern approach combines the sleek lines of contemporary home designs with the simple and cozy elements of a country farmhouse. Think neutral color palette, high, open, airy ceilings, reclaimed wood, and a variety of textures and natural materials.

One Story Layout

Take what you know about ranch-style homes and reimagine them in a new way! New one-story layouts are gaining popularity with their clean exteriors and open floor plans. Envision a master suite wing and open entertaining space. This design layout is not only trendy and beautiful but practical.

Let the Outdoors In

A newer trend in more temperate clients is large windows and window openings that allow the living space to extend to the outdoors. Imagine a family dining area that opens to a sunny courtyard or pool area. Also consider large floor-to-ceiling windows in entertainment spaces to bring in ample natural light and fresh air.

Additional Living Spaces

If you’re looking to add additional living spaces to your home, think outside of the box. Consider adding a loft to your garage that can act as a guest area, a room for older children, or even a quiet home office. Wrap-around porches are becoming increasingly popular as they offer another space for family and friends to gather. Lastly, rather than making your basement strictly for storage, consider making an entertainment space where your family and friends can get together to spend time.

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