Kicking off the New Year comes with many different resolutions. Whether you’re determined to eat healthier, save money, or be more social, don’t forget about there solutions you can set for your home! Often we set goals for ourselves, yet forget about how we can set goals for ourselves within our homes. Here are 5 of our favorite resolutions you can set for your home in 2020:

1. Cut Down on Energy Use
Nothing feels better than knowing you’re saving the green of our planet along with the green in your wallet. Going green, or cutting down on energy use, comes with benefits for everyone. Starting with solar panels is just one way to save energy and money. But, what’s really important is remembering to shut off your lights after you’ve left the room, turning off the tap while brushing your teeth, and recycling. These simple steps will not only improve the planet but will help you too!

2. Ensure Your Home is Safe
Although your home may be secure from the outside, make sure to keep it safe on the inside! It’s imperative to check that your house is not having issues with gases such as radon and carbon monoxide, along with checking you’re home for working fire detectors. Protecting your family from a potential fire, health, or security risk can simply be avoided by installing fire detectors. The new year is the perfect time to check on the safety of your home!

3. Organize Your Space
Beginning the year by clearing clutter will give you a sense of peace and organization. Although the task itself may be daunting and overwhelming, working hard to get it cleared will leave you feeling relieved and ready to take on the year. Consider donating items you haven’t used recently and recycle items that are no longer working properly. Try utilizing decorative storage bins and baskets for a functional design touch.

4. Have A Cleaning System
Create a daily, weekly and monthly plan to keep your house clean. Something as simple as wiping down tables and loading the dishwasher daily, to dusting weekly and cleaning windows monthly will keep you on track to keeping your home looking tidy and feeling fresh. If there are many rooms to cover, split up the work among your family and dedicate each person to a different task. Working together as a team will leave you all feeling accomplished and ready to enjoy your clean home!

5. Add A Welcoming Feel
If you’ve promised yourself that 2020 will be your year to spend more time with family and friends, it’s important your home is ready to accommodate. Preparing for company can be stressful, but it really all comes down to rearranging furniture and creating a welcoming atmosphere. Minor adjustments can be made to your home to add a comforting feel for your guests while you sit and enjoy your time together!

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