Summer will soon be upon us. With all the time spent at home recently, it’s likely you’ve dreamt up some ways to refresh your space. Don’t let those beautiful summer days slip away without making those improvements to your home!

Here are our top 3 home improvements for summer:

Update the Exterior

Because of its exposure to the elements, siding is known to develop rot, mildew, and mold, resulting in loose or missing boards and lackluster color. If the siding on your home is showing signs of wear and tear, the summer is the perfect time to give your siding an overhaul.

At Rossi Construction, we offer a variety of siding styles, colors and textures. Give your home a beautiful refresh and unique style while increasing the curb appeal too!

Replace the Roof

Similar to your home’s siding, the roof is exposed to all that nature has to offer. With the average lifespan of a roof is 15 to 20 years and the torrential hurricane weather South Florida receives each year, it likely you have some missing shingles or leaky spots.

Summer is the best time to replace your roof. The conditions are safer for our teams and the warm sunshine helps lock in the weathertight seal.

Update Your Door

The door to your home is used multiple times a day, every single day! Not only is it sure to show signs of wear and damage, but the likelihood of the door jambs getting loose and letting in a draft is high.If you have you a back door or slider to your yard, this is also something to considering updating as well.

Replacing your doors in the summer will give your home a beautiful new accent features to admire but will also help keep your home cooler with more secure and efficient door jambs.

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