A bathroom is a room that typically isn’t remodeled often. When you begin a bathroom renovation, it’s important to choose elements that you will admire for the long term. One of the most popular design essentials used in bathrooms is tile. From showers to walls and even floors and ceilings, tile is a bathroom staple.

Spark your imagination with these five tile ideas to create a bathroom you’ll enjoy for years to come:


Bring texture and character into your bathroom design by adding a little wow factor. Using a marble herringbone tile can add a beautiful element of design to your bathroom. Use this style as an elegant backsplash behind your vanity, your shower walls, or all along your bathroom.

Statement Wall

Want to save money, but still add flair to your bathroom? Keep the bathroom airy and fresh but continue to create character within your walls. Cover the walls and floors with a simpler tile choice and use a unique tile mosaic fora statement piece. Add a statement wall in your shower stall and let it shine boldly and strong through the glass!

Stretched Hex

Bold designs come from stand-out patterns. Create your version of a bold design by using tiles in unique, geometric shapes. Bring the design into a backsplash or your bathroom stall to leave all guests speechless at the timeless beauty.

Stripe it Up

The secret to a timeless bathroom is digging deep into your personality and creativity. Why not get creative with floor tiles? Utilize rectangular floor tiles in two contrasting colors. Alternating colors each row will help prevent the same colored tiles from aligning. A striped design is an out-of-the-box way to make a huge statement!

Detailed Borders

A small element can transform your whole design! Bordering your bathroom space with unique tiles or a pop of color can be the perfect enhancement to your room. A little touch of detail goes a long way!

At Rossi Construction, we approach each design feature in a bathroom remodel with the idea that it should have a positive contribution to your life, down to the smallest of details. As your bathroom renovation specialist in Tampa, Florida, we hope to assist you! We invite you to stop dreaming and put our expert designers to the test for your next bathroom makeover! Contact us today to get started.

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