You don’t have to remodel your whole home in order to feel as if you’ve done a huge makeover. Instead, there are smaller projects, that if done well,will give your Tampa Bay area home a fresh updated look and feel! Here are some of the best projects to consider taking on, in order to add a uniqueness to your home:

1. Outdoor Kitchen

Take in the beautiful sunny days in Tampa, while spending time outdoors. Instead of beings tuck indoors while the sun sets for dinner, allow for a new place to get to work! Adding an outdoor kitchen for grilling only takes a little bit of work. A simple durable countertop with a large workspace, a sink, and some flooring will give you the cozy feel your beloved kitchen indoors does. Spend dinner time with family and loved ones in your new outdoor kitchen!

2. New Countertops

Countertops aren’t just for your kitchen anymore! They add a beautiful touch to any bathroom,living room, patio,espresso station, entertainment bar and more. Brighten any room up with a fresh timeless countertop. These days there are so many options available, you’re bound to find one you love!

3. Renew your Half Bath

Bathrooms are used more often than you think. Guests almost always see the bathroom, no matter how long their visit is. Turn a quick bathroom run into an escape from reality! With a small space, you can be creative. Add exciting colors,fun wallpapers,new shelves, heated flooring… the options are endless!

4. Laundry Room Makeover

Laundry is usually everyone’s least favorite chore. Why not turn the laundry room into a room you wouldn’t mind spending some time in? Update your washer and dryer, add more storage, and get creative!Find the perfect accent of color for your walls, add some fun décor details and maybe even set yourself up with a couch and TV so you can turn your utility room into a plush getaway.

5. Replace the Old with New

Sometimes paint is all your room needs to feel brand new! Replace your old paint with a new dash of color. Don’t want to stop there? Change your old interior doors with a more modern look, and find a new material to compliment your room. Quickly update your trim, and give it afresh and glossy look. Little fixes are what will turn your “boring” home into a new one you’ll love!

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