Staring at the same colored walls can become boring very quickly. Painting is a fast process to add a new light to a room in need. Finding the perfect color is often a difficult process, but the painting job is simple! Here’s what you need to know about painting your walls in order to adda smooth and beautiful look to your home:

Step One: Deciding Which Paint to Use

Paint comes in a variety of sheens. When picking the perfect gloss, it’s important to understand how each may affect the final product. Paints with a higher gloss often result in obvious imperfections and blemishes. By contrast,a glossy trim will add a beautiful touch to flatter your walls. Semi-gloss is a perfect choice for rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms to help ensure the walls are easy to wipe clean. Matte paints are typically used for ceilings and won’t require as many coats to cover the blemishes that may have appeared.

Step Two: Paint Preparations

After picking your new color, we recommend removing all furniture from the room before prepping the walls. Painters must be careful to cover every inch of the room before they begin the project. Drop cloths will be used to cover any remaining furniture and flooring, while painter’s tape is often used to perfect the cuts and creases of the room. Nails and other marks on the walls should be cared for before beginning the paint job, along with cleaning the walls of both dirt and dust.

Step Three: The Perfect Primer

Paint primer is designed to provide a surface that subsequent paint layers will lock onto. It is usually applied to a fresh, clean surface that has not been painted. The paint applied on top of the primer will be more durable and bright in color for a longer period of time. Primer is not only the safest route, but also allows the color coat to do its job of providing a fresh feel to a room and showing the truest color.

Step Four: Get Painting!

After what may seem like a long period of prepping for your new beginning, now comes the easiest part: painting! With a good primer, the painting job will typically need one to two coats to leave your room without any splotches. With the perfect color to compliment the beauty of your home, you are bound to be satisfied with this fresh look. To ensure color clarity and durable finishes, it is imperative to follow each step listed above.

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