decorations-bedroom-luxury-master-bed-black-leather-headboard-and-white-covering-bed-also-sweet-ceiling-bedroom-lights-plus-gorgeous-chandelier-with-awesome-bedroom-rugs-in-contemporary-master-bedroAre you thinking about a bedroom remodel? If you’re short on ideas, try one of these great tips!

1. Seating

Don’t think you have to limit your furniture options to just a bed. Adding a chair or loveseat can spruce things up as well!

2. Color Ideas

The bedroom is not always a good place to be adventurous when it comes to color. Stick with classic combinations that are known to work.

 3. Artwork

Don’t leave your bedroom walls bare! Hanging some artwork above your bed can bring the room together. 

 4. Lighting Matters

If you don’t have a lot of natural light coming into your bedroom be sure avoid blinds or curtains that will keep your windows from working to their full potential.

 5. A Master Bedroom for Two

If you’re sharing the space with a partner, make sure you’ve each got your own personal areas in the room. Sharing everything isn’t always fun, even when you’re married.

 6. Make the Bedroom a Priority

Many people put off decorating their bedrooms to focus on the kitchen or living room, but you’ll be spending just as much time in there as the other rooms so don’t neglect making it look great too.

7. Dimmer Switches

Add dimmer switches to your lights, so that it’s easier to wind down around bed time.

 8. Bedding

Making a change to your bedding can have a dramatic impact on the feel of your bedroom, and it’s one of the most inexpensive design options out there.

9. Living Decorations

Fresh flowers are a beautiful and fragrant way to spruce up your master bedroom.

 10. Go Green

Variations of shades of green can be the perfect choice for a master bedroom wall color because it gives a feeling of tranquility. Pair it with white furniture for a nice contrast.

 11. Mirror, Mirror

Adding a mirror can make your bedroom feel bigger, but be careful where you place it—avoid anywhere near the foot of the bed.

 12. Think Floral

If your bedroom color scheme is mostly monochromatic, add some floral throw pillows for a little variety.

 13. Keep It Simple

A bedroom that’s too cluttered can feel stifling and contrived. Limit your decorations so they have a bigger visual impact.

 14. Don’t Go Pillow Crazy

Lots of decorative pillows on the bed may look nice, but they’re a hassle to remove and re-arrange. Try not to keep more than necessary.

 15. Stripe Happy

Adding a striped rug or accent pillows can make things seem more fun and lively in the master bedroom.

 16. Beach Bedroom

If you can’t get to the beach as much as you would like, bring the beach to you! A beach-themed bedroom can make your home feel like a vacation!

17. Headboard Heaven

Many people overlook their headboard, but it can be a great place to add a splash of creativity to your bedroom.

18. Find a Theme

Sometimes choosing a theme for your master bedroom will help keep your design style focused and coherent.

 19. Don’t Be Matchy Matchy

While you want your bedroom to look like a cohesive unit, getting too matchy matchy with your color scheme or furniture can make things look tacky.

 20. Go Vintage

Scouring flea markets and garage sales for old furniture is a great way to save money on decorations while giving your bedroom a retro feel.


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