contractFinding the right Tampa general contractor can be a difficult decision—you’re placing a lot of trust in the person you ultimately decide to go with, and you want to make sure that you’ve chosen someone that is both reliable and good fit. Thankfully, making this choice doesn’t have to be a shot in the dark—there are some tips and strategies that make picking a winner much easier. If you’re currently in the process of selecting a general contractor or will be using one in the future, here are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. 

Find the Right Specialist

General contractors typically have an area of expertise that they’re best at—some are kitchen remodelers, others are great at bathrooms, and some are experts at total home renovations. Look for a contractor whose specialty lines up with the project you have in mind.

Ask for Bids

If you go with the first contractor you find, you might get lucky and end up working with a great person, but chances are you’ll have a better shot at finding a good fit if you shop around a bit. Provide several contractors with the blueprints for your project and ask them for an itemized bid—with this strategy you can see more clearly exactly where your money is going in the project.

Ask for References

A good general contractor should have plenty of previous happy customers who are willing to talk about the work that was done for them. If someone is reluctant to provide you with these, then that’s definitely a red flag. It should go without saying, but when a contactor provides you with references be sure to follow-up and actually call them! Many people think that simply having references is enough, but to really get a good sense of the contractor you need to speak with previous clients.

Don’t Be a Cheapskate

It may be tempting to go with the lowest bidding contractor, but chances are they won’t do as good a job as some of the more expensive ones. Many times, cheap contractors are able to offer such low prices because they cut corners, and you don’t want to be left with a shoddy finished product—so, bite the bullet and be prepared to pay for quality.

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