Essential Things to Consider Before Hiring Your Contractor

If you are looking to remodel your home in Tampa Bay or St. Petersburg, finding a reliable and experienced contractor can be the difference between peace of mind and sleepless nights. Our team at Rossi Construction have put together a list of the top things to consider and look for when hiring a contractor.

Have a Solid Vision for Your Space

Spend time researching trends and timeless touches you would like to incorporate into the remodel. Explore what kinds of looks and architectural elements you might be interested in adding as well. By have a solid grasp on what you are looking for in your remodel, you can then compare the work of the contractors you will meet with later.

Compare Rates as Well as Quality

A general number is to compare at least three local contractors before deciding on one to renovate your home. Your goal with this tip is to determine how they stack up against one another. This will give you a clearer idea of the costs and budget required, as well as the caliber of work each contractor can produce. As an example, one contractor might bid a low rate that might equate to low quality work, while a higher bid usually suggests top notch quality. Use this information and your research to determine where you fall on the spectrum, and what will meet your project’s needs as well as your standards.

Do Your Research to Determine if the Contractor is a Good Fit

While contractors of all specializations use the title of contractor, there are subcategories within the industry. Some are considered specialists and some generalists. So, seek to ensure their experience and abilities align with what your goals are for your renovation. The top things to look for when reading reviews and looking over their business website are: Do you see a similarity in their past projects and what you are looking for in yours? Do they exhibit quality workmanship and use quality materials? Do their reviews reflect consistent high levels of client satisfaction?

Be Sure to Read the Fine Print

From establishing a start and completion date, detailing information about building fees and required permits, an explanation for what services are covered (demolition, labor, equipment, etc.) and the consequences of a default by their business – the fine print holds the details. Noting the fine print is especially important for the terms of default as it can include things such as the unexpected departure of a subcontractor or an array of other unforeseen challenges. Be sure you are clearly excluded from liability in these instances and look for contractors who have their terms laid out in a fair and easy to understand manner.

How We Can Help

Rossi Construction has proudly served Florida’s Tampa Bay area for almost two decades. We have helped homeowners create or re-invent their space into one they are proud to come home to. Feel free to reach out and request a consultation to discuss the topics mentioned above! If you are interested in more home remodeling inspiration, head over to our gallery to check out some of our recent work.  We look forward to speaking with you and seeing how we can make your home remodeling dream a reality.

Residential Builder Improving Life for Veterans

Florida Home Builders

Florida Home BuildersTampa Florida home remodeling specialist, Rossi Construction, Inc. issued an educational announcement to local military veterans across Tampa and St. Petersburg. The primary topic covered in the info alert was the improvement and modification programs offered by the VA to accommodate injured veterans as they move back home after receiving medical care.

“There are three types of grants available, but we make our main focus the HISA and SAH grants,” explained Jason Rossi, Owner, Rossi Construction, Inc.

Rossi explained that the first type of grant available to injured veterans is a Home Improvement and Structural Alteration Grant (HISA).  The HISA grant offers financial resources to disabled veterans to make modifications to their homes to improve the overall access and mobility within the house.  Rossi explained that a particular focus is put on facilitating ease of use in the bathrooms.  It is not a requirement that the disability be service related, or service incurred, but veterans with service incurred injuries will be eligible for up to $6,800.00 in grant funding.

Jason Rossi went on to explain that eligibility for a HISA grant requires a doctor’s diagnosis that explains the medical reasoning for needing the home modifications, as well as bids from three contractors who conduct work similar to that of Rossi Construction, Inc. for the proposed cost of the work.  Appropriate paperwork can be obtained from the local VA hospital in either Tampa or St. Petersburg.  It is possible that the veteran can have these home modifications completed on a home he or she does not own, as long as the homeowner has approved of the work.

Rossi explained that the second type of grant available to injured veterans is a Specially Adapted Housing Grant (SAH).  The SAH grant provides financial resources to veterans for home modifications to make their house accessible to wheelchairs.  He explained this grant is ONLY available to veterans with service incurred disabilities; very often the type brought about by recent deployment and improvised explosive devices.  The maximum amount allowable under SAH grants is a total of close to $64,000.00.

A veteran who qualifies for the SAH grant will need to have a service suffered disability that has resulted in the loss of function for at least one leg.

About Rossi Construction, Inc.:

Rossi Construction, Inc. is a general contractor located in the Tampa Bay area.  Rossi Construction, Inc. specializes in residential and commercial construction and remodeling.  Rossi Construction, Inc. has been building excellence by design in Tampa FL since 1979.  Rossi Construction, Inc. is a recent winner of the Best of Brandon Award.  Rossi Construction, Inc. can be found online by visiting

Trending designs in the workplace

Commercial Construction Tampa

Commercial Construction TampaMillennials are tech-savvy and creative. The working trend to accommodate these up and comers is a different working style and than other generations. For example, Millennials might be more productive sitting in cafés, coffee shops, or lobbies more than in traditional workstations. Mobile technology enables many of them to work whenever they want to at any location.

Modularity and flexibility

Many vendors offer modular systems made up of exchangeable parts, such as raised flooring, walls, and furnishings. Wireless technology and plug-and-play equipment support reconfiguration too. Often, modular components can be demounted and moved, even to another building entirely.   Continue reading “Trending designs in the workplace”

7 Ways to Update Your Kitchen

helpful remodeling tips

helpful remodeling tipsIf you’re looking to show your kitchen a little love, why not try some of these tips for giving it a new, updated look? Trends in Tampa construction have shown that you don’t have to be a carpentry whiz or make huge changes to have a big impact on the overall feel of the kitchen!

Tip #1—Double Up on Your Cabinets

Cabinet space is a valuable commodity in the kitchen, and anything you can do to maximize it will be a big improvement. If the height of your ceiling allows it, you can actually double your storage space by stacking cabinets on top of each other.

Tip #2—Don’t Underestimate Your Dish Towels

Dish towels are a very utilitarian Tampa kitchen staple, but they can also be a contributor to the look and feel of your kitchen as well. An interesting pattern or color can make a cheerful splash without being too overbearing.

Tip #3—Invest in a Wine Rack

Even if you’re not a big wine drinker, a wine rack is a great way to give your kitchen a feeling of elegance or sophistication. Plus, wine racks make great storage spaces for things like bottles, cups, and jars.

Tip #4—Keep the Lighting Tasteful

The kitchen is not the place to experiment with all sorts of wild and crazy lighting options. Keep it simple and remember that even traditional choices can still feel modern and elegant. Hanging brass lamps with pleated shades are a classic choice that provides a subdued and tasteful atmosphere.

Tip #5—Consider Open Shelving

If you’re a fan of a simple aesthetic and you’ve got lots of nice dishes you want to show off, why not go with open shelving? They’re easier to install than traditional cabinets and you’ll have quick access to anything you need in the kitchen.

Tip #6—Try Deep Drawers

If you simply don’t have a lot of space for extra cabinets and shelves, installing deeper drawers is another great storage option. Properly installed, these drawers can hold everything from plates and cups to small appliances.

Tip #7—Go Minimalist

A minimalist color scheme is one great way to give your kitchen a modern appearance. Gray with white accents is always a reliable choice, and some black in the kitchen can work as well—but keep in mind that very dark colors can make a room appear smaller than it actually is.

Tips for Choosing the Proper Lighting throughout Your Home

Building a new home or renovating an existing one is quite the undertaking, and by the time you get to the point of choosing light fixtures you’re probably just ready to get the job over with. However, choosing the right lighting is actually a pretty important task that you should spend some time with—lighting is not only a practical issue but an aesthetic one as well, and to make the right decision you’ve got to find lights that work well and look great. Here are some general tips for making the most of the lighting in your own home.


As strange as it might sound, you spend a lot of time in the bathrooms of your home, so it’s important that you choose lighting that you’re comfortable using on a frequent basis.

A must-have for any bathroom is a lighted mirror. However, keep in mind that where you position these lights will affect how you look, so try to avoid mounting them directly above the mirror—as this can cause lots of unflattering shadows.

Typically lamp light is not used in a bathroom, so you’ll need to invest in some fixtures or recessed lighting, which will take some planning in terms of where they should be placed.

Living Room

Like the bathroom, you’ll be spending a lot of time in your living room, so be sure to choose light fixtures that you can stand using on a regular basis.

The lights you choose will really depend on what you’re using the living room for the most. If it’s a place where you’ll work be working from home or doing a lot of reading you’ll probably want lights that illuminate well. However, if it’s going to be more of place where you unwind after a long day, consider fixtures that will offer more subdued light. If you can’t make up your mind, you can always install dimmer switches so that you’ve got the best of both worlds!


The lighting in your kitchen should be all about practicality. A good Tampa kitchen remodel will require roughly one or two fixtures per 100 square feet, so be sure to have exact measurements when ordering lights. Since the kitchen is all about practicality, your best bet is with fluorescent lighting—which will provide enough light to easily read things like recipes or ingredient lists.

Note- You may want to consider energy efficient lighting too.



How to Get the Modern Bathroom You’ve always Wanted

Bathroom remodeling is not a quick or cheap affair, so it’s understandable why you want only the best out of the process. Thankfully, there are some easy tips to follow when it comes to designing and creating the modern bathroom of your dreams.

Tip 1—Invest in Expansive Wall Mirrors

Large wall mirrors in a bathroom serve two purposes—they look great and they offer plenty of space for getting ready. And we all know that mirror space is prime real estate in any home!

On top of all this, mirrors can actually help your bathroom look larger than it really is. Sure, it might just be your eyes playing tricks on you, but your envious house guests don’t have to know that!

Tip 2—Choose Your Countertops Carefully

When doing a Tampa bathroom remodel lots of people make the mistake of installing countertops in their bathroom that are just too low, which leads to a lot of hunching, bending, and general inconvenience. To remedy this, install your countertops at the same level you would in your kitchen.

When choosing a surface, you should seriously consider granite. It’s easy to clean, and its dark color makes hiding stains a breeze.

Tip 3—Invest in Custom Glass Shower Enclosures

Nothing says modernism and class like a glass shower enclosure. They’ll give your bathroom a sleek feel, and they’re much more hygienic than a shower curtain, which is susceptible to mold. Plus, with a glass enclosure you’re much less likely to accidentally get water everywhere when you shower than with a traditional shower curtain.

Tip 4—Use Recessed Ceiling Lighting

Most Tampa bathroom designs you see today rely heavily on recessed lighting, and this a great alternative to hanging fixtures because it takes up less space. This means that your bathroom will look larger, and more importantly, you won’t be ducking to avoid your lights as you get ready at the mirror.

Tip 5—Try Self-Closing Drawers

Sure, self-closing drawers aren’t a necessity, but they’re great to have regardless! They really bring out that modern feel and ensure you’re not bumping into one that you forgot to close.

Tip 6—Use Elongated Toilets

No one likes talking about toilets, but since we’re on the subject—go with an elongated model! These are typically more comfortable and more space saving than a rounded bowl.

Tip 7—Lay Down Large Tiles

Tile adds a modern, elegant feel to any room, and large tile is an especially good choice. Large tiles mean less work when laying them, and they mean fewer grout lines to clean in the long run.

Tip 8—Choose Earth Tones for your Bathroom

Earth tones not only look great, but they really help to open up a space as well. Since the bathroom is typically one of the smaller rooms in the house, dark colors will make them appear downright tiny. Earth tones, on the other hand, will give you the appearance of a larger room.



From Concept to Reality—Get the Home You’ve Been Dreaming Of

You’ve finally made up your mind—you’re going to design your dream home. Now what? Unfortunately, you have a lot of work and tough choices ahead of you, but if you’re smart and plan ahead, then the process can be very rewarding and fun. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the most important steps in the process that will hopefully put you on the right path towards the home of your dreams!

Decide on Your Dream Home

Many people think they know what they want out of their dream house, but when really pressed for specifics they don’t have much to say! The first step in designing a house is taking some time to figure out what “dream home” actually means to you. This is especially important if you’re going to be sharing the house with a spouse or other loved one—their idea of a dream home may be radically different than yours!

Hire a Trustworthy Crew

There are plenty of Tampa construction crews out there waiting to build you a home, but not all of them will be a great fit for you. When trying to find workers to actually build your house take some time and do a little research.

Get Involved

Obviously you probably won’t be up in the rafters hammering away with the crew, but try to take as active a role in the construction of your house as possible. Take some time to watch the crew in action, and most importantly, get regular updates from the foreman. Staying in touch with them is vital in case any issues should happen to arise.

Get a Head Start on Design

You should be thinking about the design aspects of your house long before the time actually comes to implement them. Be sure to cover all your bases—everything from color schemes to light fixtures needs to be accounted for. Making these choices at the last minute can lead to lots of stress and regret, so it’s best to just get them out of the way early on in the process.

Enjoy Your New House

Once everything is said and done, enjoy your accomplishment! Designing a house is hard work, so don’t be afraid to show it off. Invite some friends over and use your house for what it was meant for—living!





Advice for a Successful Kitchen Remodel

Many people think of remodeling a kitchen as a big hassle, but if you’re smart about it, the process can be quite fun and painless. The best general advice for a Tampa kitchen remodel is this—make a plan and then plan some more. When it comes to your home and your money, you can never think about the process too much, and even after you’ve made up your mind don’t forget to expect the unexpected! Here are just a few of the many things you’ll need to think about when planning your own kitchen remodeling project.


Be Realistic

You may have a plan for your dream kitchen but does it address the real-world needs you’ll be facing? You might think you want tons of counter space and perhaps even an island, but if you know you won’t be doing a lot of cooking, then much of that space is going to be wasted when it could have been allocated for something more useful. Conversely, if you’re remodeling on a budget and don’t want to spend lots of money on counter space but you’re also an avid cook you might regret that lack of space when all is said and done.

Measure Your Appliances

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than completing a kitchen remodel only to find that your large appliances don’t fit in the space you’ve allotted them. Before you sketch even one blueprint, always make sure you know the exact measurements for things like your stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher.

Don’t Neglect Your Lighting

Lights are a small part of a room but they make a big impact. When it comes to the kitchen, being practical is always best. Make sure you have enough fixtures to successfully illuminate the whole room. Modern fluorescent lighting is a great choice for the kitchen because it makes reading recipes and ingredient lists a breeze.

Mind Your Corners

When it comes to drawers and cabinets, corners can be a nightmare. It will take some planning, but make sure that all your doors won’t be banging into one another. This is a loud, impractical nuisance that can really scuff up a paint job if you’re not careful.

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Adding a Sunroom to My Tampa, Florida Home

Have you ever wondered which type of glass or screen-enclosed space connecting your house with the outdoors would suit your Tampa house the best?

Tampa sunroom, a room which can also be called a solarium or a conservatory, is a glassed-in living space that will most often be attached to the house and accessible while inside the house.  It is designed to serve as an additional living area during mild weather, but may be too hot during the heart of a Tampa summer.

Closely related to the sunroom in appearance and execution, a four-season porch, is designed to be heated and cooled.  As a result, the porch can be enjoyed for the entire year.

Featuring the same basic structure and construction as a sunroom or a four-season porch, an attached greenhouse structure offers light; temperature and humidity levels that are designed for plants.

The final option has walls constructed of screen or mesh, rather than glass or another building material.  This offers the advantage of fresh air without the introduction of nature into a sitting area.  Like the sunroom, it is habitable when the weather is agreeable.  It can make a great budgetary choice.

Deciding the optimum location for your addition is the first critical step when planning the right materials for your glass or screen enclosed sunroom.  Call Rossi Construction, Inc. at 813.436.0177 for a free consultation to discuss the optimum location for an addition.