Why Do I Want a Tampa General Contractor?

If you are planning to complete a home improvement project this year, do not be tempted by the idea to do the project on your own; bring in a friend from the neighborhood or bring in a friend from work to do the work. It is better to consider hiring a general contractor to represent your interest in a Tampa home improvement project, and here are a couple of reasons you will want to make this decision.

A General Contractor Will Protect Your Interests

A Tampa general contractor should be licensed to perform the work that he or she is hired to complete in the state of Florida. That license means the Tampa general contractor has demonstrated the required knowledge and the required experience to work in this field. That will give you peace of mind when you trust this person to complete work on the biggest investment you own. Why would you possibly want to bring in someone who is not able to provide proof that they know what they are doing? You would be better off spending the money to hire the right person for the job from the outset, rather than hiring several “specialists” to resolve and repair damage brought about by construction mistakes later.

A General Contractor Will Make Sure the Paperwork is Filed

Most Tampa homeowners do not realize that most work being completed in their home requires a building permit from the local government offices. If the construction project is major, it will even be necessary to show the plans to the local government and the work will need to be approved both before the project starts and after the project is completed. A qualified Tampa general contractor takes care of all of this paperwork for the Tampa homeowner. There is no need to be worried about the forms, who needs to be contacted in local Tampa government or if you possibly missed an important form.

One Final Thought

If you are planning a Tampa residential construction project, please feel free to give Rossi Construction, Inc. a telephone call to discuss your questions about hiring a Tampa general contractor. You can reach our office by calling (813) 436-0177.

Tampa Remodeling Projects Add to Home Value

As house values continue to be unstable across much of the Tampa Bay area and loans continue to be hard to get, homeowners are finding themselves with fewer easy options for huge remodels. Homeowners are going after the projects that cost less at the beginning, capture practical savings or they do both and they hold their value if the homeowner sells in the future.

Rather than a massive kitchen or bath upgrade, the kind that see entire floor plans reworked, many homeowners are choosing to order modest improvements that build the long-term value of the home. Great examples include boosting the energy conservation with new appliances, and allowing the owners to quickly settle back into their Tampa home.

Two examples of recession proof projects that Tampa homeowners can consider include:

A kitchen remodel that makes sense:

If you are one of the people traveling the aisles of Ikea, lusting after a beautiful new kitchen, take heart because you can remodel that kitchen at a price that will not mortgage your future. To trim costs, you will want to work with a general contractor to work on projects that involve cosmetic improvements like replacing the faces and hardware on existing cabinets. Keeping existing cabinets will save you around 25% of the total cost of a kitchen remodel, while still giving you the immediate enjoyment of visible changes. The savings can become significantly greater if you remain within the existing footprint of your kitchen, making the changes much more of a “facelift.”

Scaling back a kitchen remodel can ultimately earn a Tampa homeowner back up to 80% of an investment, while still providing immediate practical payback.

A bathroom remodel that does not take months:

The Tampa bathroom can be much the same as a scaled-back Tampa kitchen remodel, with cabinets being kept and both refaced and provided new hardware. Counters can be topped with inexpensive stone, a new toilet can be installed, a new tile floor put in place and a fresh coat of paint can put a semi-gutted bathroom project on a good timeline and a fantastic budget.

Always remember that Rossi Construction, Inc. is available for your home remodeling projects, both large and of a smaller nature. Our expertise can add value to your house for decades.

Tampa Home Modifications for Veterans

In an effort to assist the wounded veterans in the Tampa Bay area, Rossi Construction, Inc. decided to provide a rundown of programs that the Veteran’s Administration offers for home modifications to accommodate injured veterans for their disabilities. There are currently three types of grants available. This article discusses two of the most popular grants.

Home Improvement and Structural Alteration Grant (HISA):

The HISA grant offers financial resources to disable veterans to make modifications to their homes to improve the overall access and mobility within the house. A particular focus is put on facilitating ease of use in the bathrooms. It is not a requirement that the disability be service related, or service incurred, but veterans with service incurred injuries will be eligible for up to $6,800.00 in grant funding.

Eligibility for a HISA grant requires a doctor’s diagnosis that explains the medical reasoning for needing the home modifications, as well as bids from three contractors who conduct work similar to that of Rossi Construction, Inc. for the proposed cost of the work. Appropriate paperwork can be obtained from the local VA hospital in either Tampa or St. Petersburg. It is possible that the veteran can have these home modifications completed on a home he or she does not own, as long as the homeowner has approved of the work.

Specially Adapted Housing Grant (SAH):

The SAH grant provides financial resources to veterans for home modifications to make their house accessible to wheelchairs. This grant is ONLY available to veterans with service incurred disabilities; very often the type brought about by recent deployment and improvised explosive devices. The maximum amount allowable under SAH grants is a total of close to $64,000.00.

A veteran must have a service incurred disability that has resulted in the loss of function in at least one leg , if he or she is to qualify for a SAH grant.

In closing:

We hope that you find this information helpful, and that you keep in mind that Rossi Construction, Inc. is capable of assisting you with home modifications that include generally making houses much easier to navigate for our returning heroes. Rossi Construction, Inc. thanks you for protecting our freedoms and helping build the American dream.