Ideas for his and hers bathroom designs

When you are in a relationship with someone, you begin to get used to sharing most things. You might share the butter and jelly in the morning. You might share a car during the day and you probably share a bed at night. Sharing can be a wonderful thing about being in a relationship but when it comes to bathroom space, sharing isn’t always ideal. In fact, having your own space in the bathroom can be wonderful! Below are some awesome design ideas for his and her bathrooms. 

Sinks for each of you

Bathroom Design Tampa

Cabinets between the sinks for each of you 

Bathroom Design Tampa FL

Individual closets 

Tampa Bathroom Design

Seating for the times you are waiting on your spouse to finish getting ready

Bathroom Remodeling


Double shower heads and a large shower space 

Bathroom Remodeling Tampa FL

Create a bathtub for two

Bathroom Remodeling Tampa


If you like any of the designs here or if these photos inspired you to come up with an idea of your own, call Rossi Construction for ultimate bathroom remodeling in Tampa.



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